Sunday, May 04, 2014

My Birthday 2014

I turned officially 34 on 25th April 2014.

Rest assured, there will not be a recap of what i have done over the past one year or worse still, over the past thirty four years! What's over is past and the only way is to look forward to the future! 

As with the past few years, there were loads of birthday cakes and i had my first one six days before my actual birthday on a food outing with a number of friends (thanks ladies)! Second cake was with my current NUS colleagues and it was a homemade carrot cake made by the mom of my colleagues (thanks, auntie)!

I shall put on record that my colleague did a fantastic job slathering such a thick layer of cheese cream! :P By the way, the carrot cake was yummilicious!! 

The actual day of my birthday wasn't exactly smooth sailing; i forgot to zip up until i was back home from breakfast, i was already sick before then but it worsened on 25th, and i broke my trusty electronic weighing machine. :(

Maybe it has given up on me, knowing very well that for me to lose some weight is akin to winning the first prize for TOTO. Damn, I shall prove IT wrong!!! 

Someone did take my hint (read here for further information) seriously and got me a pink piggy bank! And to add on to my joy, it was filled with S$1 golden coins! 

Last birthday cake this year was with my family members! Glace confectionery never fails to deliver and the big strawberries on the cake were so juicy and sweet (thanks, Joyce and Pig)! p.s. there was a fourth one by the Gang of Four but that was to celebrate all of us finally hitting our 30s.

Anyway, an update on the two kids in the family! 

Jerald is no longer a little boy; he is now in Primary one, talks a lot more, asks a great load more and plays Minion Rush like an expert!!! I wasn't even half his level!

Jovyn is now in pre-school and learning things so rapidly; it was hard to believe she was that toddler who could hardly string a few words! 

She is still very cute though. Haha. 

But still a terror and a bully!!! 

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