Tuesday, May 20, 2014

53 Hotel @ Taichung [台中寶島53行館] - I am LOVING it!

With numbers making up its unique brand name, i was honestly half-expecting 53 hotel to provide only basic, comfortable service that commanded a price above my budget (i am a cheapo when it comes to overseas accommodation) simply because of its proximity to Taichung Train Station. 

How wrong i was! 

Except for the rather tight space, i was immediately drawn to the mosaic tiles and the pleasant fusion of east meets west decor. The cheery greeting from the friendly yet professional staff at the front desk was another sign that things were looking good for our one-night stay. 

Connecting the reception was a much bigger waiting area in front of the lift where one can read some magazines while waiting for friends who seem to take forever in the bathroom!

You can also surf the web if the magazines / books don't interest you.

The size for our standard room was literally half of Cherng Yuan but i understand this is usually the norm for hotels in Taiwan's cities unless you are willing to pay top-dollar for your stay. Anyway, amenities like free wifi, bottled water, refrigerator, television, safe, slippers etc, were included.

I especially love the bed which was so inviting! However, time was of essence as we needed to check out both Yizhong Market and Fengjia Night Market! In addition, we required lunch after the almost two-hour bus journey!!!

Service was personal enough for me to even know who my housekeeper was; that also reflects the pride one has for the job! See that alarm clock? I actually hate it when receptionist gives me a morning call; alarm clock for the win! 

My best surprise came in the form of.... the toilet bowl which has an electronic bidet!!!! That clean sensation of you-know-where has never felt so satisfying since i stepped into Taiwan! 

It would have been a double satisfaction if there is a rain shower. Well, i am still grateful that the water pressure wasn't low and i didn't get yellow water coming out from the shower head (p.s. it did happen to me once in Kuala Lumpur).

Shall talk about the rest of the facilities later. 
Let's touch on breakfast in the next morning! 

Unlike Misty Villa, the breakfast setup was more hotel-like; ain't complaining. By the way, i had a really restful sleep (which could also be attributed to the foot, neck and shoulder massage i had the night before). 

There were quite a number of dishes (i think around 6-8) but as you are probably aware by now, i usually stick to boring toast and jam as i would prefer to reserve my stomach for local food outside! 

Healthier options like cereals (OMG, they served Post Honey Bunches of Oats) were available. However, i am lactose intolerant (cereals without milk are just snacks; not a meal) and i hate to be out doing 'business' when i am travelling! 

And i never trust raw vegetables when i am overseas; blame the mother! She had shared ample stories of vegetables that were not washed thoroughly in her course of work in the F&B industry and i thought it would be best to ignore them! Furthermore, i can't deny i am more a meat person. :P 

What i eventually had for breakfast.

A cozy corner on the lower floor that looked like the concept i would love for my home! It was also a waiting area (the actual term used was mediation room); albeit of a different nature.

It's for those who were waiting for the washing machine / dryer, either to wait for their turn or for the cycle to complete! Washing powder (at NT$30) can be purchased from the front desk. 

Instructions as above!

Didn't want to waste your time? Check out the small fitness centre and work off the fats accumulated in Taiwanese! With so much to do in the city, it's no wonder no one was using the equipment! 


No 27, Zhongshan Rd, Central District, 
Taichung, Taiwan

As above


S$104.32 for a standard room with breakfast and internet access. We booked our room through HotelClub.com; do check it out for the latest deals!

Additional Information
Remember to take this in-house map from the front desk as it would give you a better idea of what are available in the nearby vicinity! 

Those who wish to have a day-trip (around NT$1,500-1,700; inclusive of lunch and insurance) to Sun Moon Lake, Cingjing Farm etc can also make arrangement with the front desk personnel! 


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