Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Handcrafted Cotton Candy (手創花式棉花糖) @ Taiwan!

Most of us ADULTS would not give cotton candy a second glance whenever we see them for sale; the immediate sugar rush would have been better spent on therapeutic ice cream!

However, the crowd surrounding this temporary stall outside Taipei main station stopped us in our track. As a true blue Singaporean, i deemed it necessary to check out what the hooha was all about. 

The show, if any, was quite boring in the beginning and i was about to leave when i saw the man using another wooden stick to "craft" the originally round cotton candy. 

It eventually turned out to be a flower-shaped cotton candy! The visual difference from its conventional, unexciting shape would have attracted the attention of quite a number of children. Even i, a 34 year old man, was intrigued!

Did i get one for myself? I would have if not for the fact that each handcrafted cotton candy took quite a long time to make and it's a fact that i didn't have enough time to spend in Taiwan! Good also, i can cut down on my excessive sugar intake. 

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