Tuesday, May 13, 2014

火焰骰子牛 - Flaming Beef Dices / Cubes @ Taichung (Yizhong Market)

You know Singaporeans; we have to stop whenever a queue is sighted and it's highly probable we would check out to see what was on sale and what the big hooha it was all about. 

No, i didn't join the queue then as i had just finished a serving of smelly tofu myself, a big portion of chicken cutlet, a jumbo cup of milk tea and many little items bought and ingested along Yizhong street at Taichung (Taiwan).

Twenty minutes later - i was standing at the end of the queue. The aroma of nicely flamed beef, said to be Angus, was simply too irresistible and i could not manage to rein in the craving!!! 

In all honesty, the raw beef placed on the grill didn't look very appetising, unlike those expensive ones found in the supermarket with beautiful marbling, and appeared to be taken out straight from the freezer. 

Apparently, they were not hard frozen and the "chef" was able to cut it up into small little thick cubes that resemble gambling dices (hence the name).

Using tongs and a flaming burner (yes, that dangerous equipment used in welding), the guy in charge would proceed to ruffle the cubes while ensuring the level of done-ness was about 50-70%! 

The high temperature of the flame was said to ensure an external texture that was a bit crispy yet locking in the delicious meat juices. I am not sure how true that was (i read it from the signage) but i was so looking forward to having a bite at this point, given the critical juncture; the tempting smell emitted from the about-to-be-ready beef cubes! 

Before you collect your order, note the condiments that could be requested and sprinkled onto the beef. My poor grasp of Chinese means i didn't know what half of them mean. Nevertheless, being the boring person i always am, i selected basic sea salt. 

This box cost me NT$60 (roughly S$2.50); there was an option for a bigger box which i didn't ask for since i was already very full on that time, as explained in the beginning of this post.

So was it good? For S$2.50, it was definitely a fantastic deal (especially if it is indeed Angus beef) and the meat was juicy (the spurts of sinful deliciousness never fail to impress me). Eat them while they are hot; the texture would become a tad too tough after a while! 


Juncture of Yucai and Zunxian Streets,
Yizhong Market, Taichung, Taiwan

As above.

NTS$60 for small.

Additional Information
There was another branch in Taipei, at Raohe Night Market!

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