Thursday, May 22, 2014

What's That inside Pokka Osmanthus with White Tea?!

Singaporeans would not be strangers to the Pokka brand and most, i believe, would likely be aware of this osmanthus white tea that seems to be gaining a lot of popularity locally. I tried it before and didn't like it.

Anyway, it's not about me today. 

Alex happily helped himself to a cup of the 100% real brewed tea and placed it on the table. I usually wouldn't take a second look but this time, i had too because something seemed to be swimming in the liquid!

Aiyo! The tea has gone bad already?!?!?!?! Till now, i wasn't sure as my mum has the impression this was part of the osmanthus flowers! Really!?!?!?! I seriously doubt so! I swear those things look like disgusting phlegm in water! 

So who can tell me the answer? My opinion is that i should throw the whole bottle down the rubbish chute immediately and this is helped by the fact that the bottle wasn't refrigerated at all after opening!

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