Tuesday, October 04, 2011

A Different Roast Chicken Rice (麻辣烧鸡饭) @ Chopsticks by The Asian Kitchen (亚洲小厨), Illuma (Bugis)

Me: S$9+ for a plate of chicken rice?!
Alex: Very nice leh! The best!
Me: For that price, i can have almost 4 plates of chicken rice!'
Alex: I treat.
Me: *Happy*

Cavin is always happy when it comes to free meals from Alex. However, Alex forgot to mention that this Asiatic restaurant at Illuma sells roast chicken that is different from the ones we usually have at hawker centres.

There's this Ma La Roast Chicken (麻辣烧鸡) and another one by the name of T.A.K Sauce Roast Chicken (密制烧鸡); i presume T.A.K to mean The Asian Kitchen.

Lucky for Alex, there is a lunch promotion that includes roast chicken, plain white rice (yes my dear, not the fragrant chicken rice hor) and vegetables for only S$7.90!

Since Alex is hopeless with chilli, i decided to have the ma la roast chicken. The portion turned out to be bigger than expected and i could confidently say it is roughly a quarter of a chicken.

Pretty worth it if you ask me.

I have eaten roast chicken rice all my life but never have i ever tasted one as delicious as this one! Roast chicken commonly has a problem; meat that lacks moisture.

Not this one at T.A.K; the chicken meat tasted amazingly supple yet firm. And have you look at that desirable paper thin (400gms) roasted chicken skin!?!

Most importantly is T.A.K's secret weapon; chilli paste that could not be found anywhere else. The chilli was not as numbing as i thought although its infusion gave an entirely new orgasmic dimension when it comes to roast chicken.

It was so, so, so, so good! Now i can fully understand why Alex was so adamant that we have to try this. *Kon and Vanessa, you couple are next*

Coming back, i was quite pissed that plain rice was given.

A plate of chicken rice cannot be termed as such with boring plain rice. That's when the ma la chilli paste comes into picture; it is the perfect condiment to mix into the bland rice!


Strongly recommend the mala roast chicken!

201, Victoria Street,
#04-07, Illuma

S$7.90 for lunch set
Subject to GST and Service Charge.
Complimentary water available upon request

Additional Information
Alex's T.A.K roast chicken was drenched in a special saucy concoction that tasted suspiciously like plum sauce with a saccharine intensity.

Not bad but not as fantastic as my mala roast chicken!

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