Sunday, October 17, 2021

Violinist Nadiia Voronkova, featuring the Cast of Starwater @ Royal Caribbean's Quantum of the Seas' Two70

Once we got onboard Quantum of the Seas, the first thing my travel mate did was to make a reservation for the shows using the Royal Caribbean phone app! 

Our first show shall be "Violinist Nadiia Voronkova, featuring the Cast of Starwater" at Two70, a multiple usage venue on board the ship. In usual times (as in pre-pandemic), it is said to have the capacity to sit 500 persons.

Given the safe distancing measures, however, capacity was curtailed and for ease of arrangement, the seats were clustered into different groups (for two persons, for five persons etc). At the time of my trip, the maximum allowed was five. 

From what I read, the venue would be used as a night-club on non-show evenings and for daytime, it will be a place where you can a 270-degree view (hence the name) of the ocean in front. As usual, I didn't too much about the name but my companion shared with me the information.

Our seats were on the second level as first floor was fully taken up.

I will make do with whatever that was given. There were both advantages and disadvantages; I might get a clearer view on level one but when it comes to performances, an elevated view could be more impressive. 

First segment of the 55-minute show was boring with music that failed to resonate with me and maybe due to a lack of sleep; I was almost lulled into dream land. Ignorant me couldn't appreciate the dance even though the female dancers wowed me with their graceful moves while wearing high stilettos! 

Another thing I remember was the continuous "strike the pose" and performers acting as photographers to capture the "pose". By the way, do note that no video-taking would be allowed during the show and if you wish to take photo, it would be no-flash photography.

Show started heating up with the entry of this lady in white.

With her shimmering crown and necklace and striking an imposing figure with her gown, she serenaded to us shortly with the song "diamonds in the sky". 

Spanning across 30 meters at a height of about 6 meters, the
 ultra HD screen together with the stage lighting and mechanical hooks, the gown was transferred into what appeared to be a sea of waves with the ocean as the backdrop! 

In front of an unimaginative mind like mine, it was like Mother Gaia deciding to unleash natural disasters on selfish humans who still don't give a hoot to the climate issues we are facing now. A visual treat that reached a climax as she elevated into the "sky".

Rescue came in the form of Ms Nadiia Voronkova, who rose from the depth of the ocean, surrounded by a smack of jellyfishes, while discharging a powerful tune! 

It was an immersive joy just listening and seeing her play, and I bet she would inspire kids in the audience to sign up for violin lessons; her elegant poise, her skill, her dedication and most importantly, the happiness she portrayed in the midst of playing the musical instrument.

Heck, even I was tempted to learn! 

The end of the show! For my first show on my first major cruise in more than 20 years, it was good although the beginning was pretty much a letdown.


Do keep in mind that due to capacity restrictions, passengers can only reserve for either one of the shows; either Violinist Nadiia Voronkova, featuring the Cast of Starwater or Headliner showtime , starring James Bustar. 

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