Sunday, June 27, 2021

Alley Wei (弄子里) - Taiwanese Breakfast Favorites @ Northpoint City Mall [Singapore]

Since its expansion, Northpoint City Mall in Yishun is now better known for its sheer number of dining establishment in the northern region of Singapore and this is good news for me as I stay only about a 6-7 minutes' walk away! 

In April 2021, I noticed a new eatery that took over the former premises of Kanshoku Ramen Bar; Alley Wei (弄子里) which sells traditional Taiwanese breakfast favourites like soybean milk, scallion pancake, youtiao etc. 

Now, youtiao (chinese cruellers) with soybean milk is a combination that I would occasionally crave for and I was so looking forward to trying this comfort-food pair at Alley Wei! However, the always-long queue was a bummer and then, phase 2 heightened alert kicked in, which disallowed dining in for five weeks.

In the same week the alert was downgraded (from 21 June 2021) and dining in was finally allowed for a maximum of two persons, I made a trip down for lunch! The seemingly simple menu had other items like dumplings, beef noodle soup and that's bad for me as I didn't know what else I should have! 

Collected my trays of food once the pager beeped; it was nostalgic to see the bowls being used for the dumplings, beancurd and soybean but I didn't see the point of having the youtiao and scallion pancake wrapped with paper as I didn't ask for takeaway. 

Before we start with the food, do note that the sauces / condiments for your food can be found behind a column, stored in ceramic pots. You can choose from sambal chilli, chilli sauce, vinegar, sugar syrup, white sugar and soy sauce. 

Only frustration - the serving spoon provided had too small a capacity and I took about 3 scoops fill up only half the saucer! There wasn't a lot of customers then; can't imagine the stress when it is full house.  

Hot Sweet Beancurd - I didn't tried the beancurd when I was in Taiwan and honestly, could only compare with the ones I had in Singapore; e.g. Rochor Original Beancurd, Mr Bean, Selegie Soyabean.

Real happy to see the silky smoothness of the beancurd, yet there was a distinctive, funny taste in the sugar syrup that both Alex and I didn't like. Maybe it was the kind that Taiwanese might be more accustomed to although I can't really confirm since I didn't check it out back in 2014.

- a chunky piece, most people would think fried doughstick is generally the same as the ingredients are quite simple. But, I have my own standard for the ones I dip into the soybean milk. 

It must be hot and crispy, with enough fluffiness to soak up the cold soybean milk!  Honestly, this could have been better if the external texture were crispier, and just a tad less oily. Maybe I should buy home and air-fry myself.

Soybean Milk - not the type I am used to drinking in Singapore. There wasn't that aromatic soybean sensation when I took a gulp but what's worse was once again the weird-tasting sugar syrup. I can still stomach it; not Alex though; he literally condemned the entire bowl. 

Scallion Pancake with Egg - my first thought after taking a bite; it's like roti prata without the fluffiness, and tasted dense with dough yet devoid of much crisp. Our dear Alex termed it as fake prata. 

Steamed Dumplings - among all that I had, these were the best although at most, above average in taste. Meat content was generous and they went perfectly well with the vinegar; I was hoping for some thinly-sliced ginger though. 

930 Yishun Ave 2, Northpoint City
#B1-151 (South Wing Makan Town),
Singapore 769098

As above.

Hot Sweet Beancurd - S$2.50
Youtiao - S$1.80
Soybean Milk - S$2.20
Scallion Pancake with Egg - S$4.80
Steamed Dumplings - S$4.80
(No GST, No Service Charge)


  1. Awesome post thanks for the review! Was thinking of eating this hahah


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