Friday, October 29, 2010

Beancurd (豆花) @ Rochor Original Beancurd

Beancurd (豆花)
@ Rochor Original Beancurd

I was somewhere in the vicinity of Selegie where i remembered having beancurds in a very crowded shop with the starhubbers!

Although the Teo family had very full stomachs at that point, my itchy mouth cannot resist paying this popular shop a visit after such a long absence!

With a bit of intelligence (and reverse psychology), i managed to persuade Alex to queue and pay for the food!! Wahahahaha. Shan't say too much!

Looking soft and tender, there must be something good about this beancurd that keeps people coming back.

As i slurped my first scoopful, the first sensation given was the delectable reddish syrup that stands uniquely amongst its competitors! It was fragrantly light without being overpowering sweet.

Coming to the beancurd (i ordered hot), the silky texture was normal but i could not help noticing there was a slight roughness beneath that softness.

It was a notch higher than the beancurd from Selegie Soya Bean purely because of the syrup.

An order of two great looking jin dui (金堆) with that glistening sesame seeds dotting the golden brown crust was bought, for the sake of buying.

Having an almost perfect outlook (it will be perfect with more sesame seeds), it was a slap on the face to find such dry, apparently generic factory made paste!



2, Short Street
(very near to Peace Centre) 

S$1.00 for a bowl of beancurd
S$0.80 for each jindui

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