Saturday, May 22, 2021

The Assorted Muffins at AJ Delights in Alexandra Village Food Centre [Singapore] #alexandravillagehawkercentre

With no dine-in allowed for the next few weeks, no thanks to the enhanced measures for Phase 2 (Heightened Alert); I was wondering where I should go for my half day, afternoon leave last Thursday.

 I decided to drop by Alexandra Village Food Centre! It's a been a while since my last visit and my arrival at the strange timing of 3.00 pm had its reason; the stall I am going to visit was said to start operations only in the afternoon, and only for a few hours.

AJ Delights; came strongly recommended from a friend who enjoys eating muffins, I was so worried that they would be sold out as the queue was said to be long back when dine-in was allowed and I am mindful that the hawker centre is quite popular in the area.

From what I see, the stall only sells muffins and I thought they should just go with AJ Muffins as their name instead; easier for people to remember, like Uggli Muffins and SL II Muffin

For my Muslim friends, do note the AJ Delights is a halal certified establishment! On an unrelated note, I am quite surprised for my recent interest in muffins as I very much prefer cupcakes in the past and dislike the denser muffin texture. Well, I am at the age where I can affirm that taste changes as we get older.

Six was the maximum number I can purchase; it's not a requirement by the stall. Rather, I had to ensure I don't over-order as that's a lot of carbohydrates and I would rather not jog a longer distance to compensate for the spike in calorie-intake! 

Flavours included double chocolate, chocolate banana, hazelnut chocolate, vanilla chocolate, walnut banana and streusel chocolate. To be honest, still too many for me and I willingly offered three to my elder sister.

Streusel Chocolate - do you know the crumble topping on tarts? The streusel was similar and tasted so good after I heated it in my Ninja Foodi Grill, which has a baked function. 

Inside was quite soft with bursts of chocolate. Unlike SL II Muffin and Uggli Muffins, I thought the sweetness was a little lacking and it didn't smell as aromatic but this would likely appeal to those looking for a "healthier" snack. Remember the three muffins my sister took? Jovyn devoured all three and absolutely loved them. 

Vanilla Chocolate - after a light toast again, the muffin top was crispier and it was a delightful breakfast for me. Maybe I should check out a few online recipes and give them a try in my oven! 

Showing the inside again; not too bad although my favorite part of the muffins would definitely be the top. Check out the tanned crisp at the edges! 


Block 120, Bukit Merah Lane 1,
Alexandra Village Food Centre, 
#01-82, Singapore 150120

As above.


Operating Hours
1.30 pm to 6.00 pm / till sold out
(Closed on Sundays and Mondays)

Double Chocolate - S$1.80
Chocolate Banana - S$2.00
Hazelnut Chocolate - S$2.60
Vanilla Chocolate - S$2.00
Walnut Banana -  S$2.00
Streusel Chocolate - S$2.20

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