Thursday, May 21, 2020

Temple Street Night Market - Also Known As Men's Street @ Hong Kong #templestreethongkong

In my memory, there were two night markets popular with tourists in Hong Kong back in 1997; one was Ladies Market along Tung Choi Street and the other one would be Temple Street Night Market (named after a nearby Tin Hau temple) which i would be sharing today.

I couldn't remember in detail about the market i visited in 1997 although i recall seeing some restaurants selling snake soup and there were cages filled with snakes placed right outside. Thankfully, i didn't have the luck this time.

As i was at Ladies Market just the day before on Day 5, i am able to draw the comparisons between the both of them; in terms of product offerings, there's a slightly better variety at Temple Street Night Market (ladies products and accessories don't appeal to me for obvious reason) with lesser duplicates among stalls. Popularity chart wise, Ladies Market appeared to draw a larger crowd, maybe due to its proximity near the Sneakers Street.

Maybe i should let the pictures do the talking.

Can't imagine that a keychain showing the Chinese translation of common English names can be so expensive at HK $40 (about S$8.00). Likely they are made in China and in Singapore, i doubt they would be sold for anything more than S$3.00 to S$4.00. Of course, you can try your best to bargain which is supposedly the norm in such night markets in Hong Kong.

I actually dislike bargaining, especially when the price is presumed to be quite reasonable but at my age, there are really not many things i would buy and with online shopping being so convenient, and usually cheaper, i am better off saving my mental health as bargaining can be extremely stressful and tiring. 

These plastic figurines are still around; i actually bought two or three sets back in 1997 but the design was of crayon shin-chan! Now that this reminds me, maybe i should take back my entire comic collection of the pervertic little boy from my parents' place! 

Other pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Robes to make you feel like you are from the Chinese mafia. Temple Street Night Market is also known as the Men's Street even though i don't really feel there were that many stalls selling menswear. 

The keychains with embedded crystal stones; i didn't ask how much although i remember my sister buying some from Zhuhai in China and it cost like less S$1.00. I doubt they would be that cheap in Hong Kong.

I love the innovative way the stall-owner pasted up posters of people wearing sunglasses and attaching his sunglasses to them so that customers can visualize! Smart! 

Almost bought this styrofoam plane as i saw them before in tiktok or something and they can fly really well. The fact that i am not careful with such fragile items deter me from eventually purchasing any.

Cool bags with expressive eyes! I am not that keen to buy bags from such stores as i had a bad experience at Petaling Street in Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur. Furthermore, i am a super rough user. 

Awwww... this childhood toy of penguins climbing up stairs has now been replaced by other characters more known to kids nowadays like peppa pig and hello kitty.

Also almost got a pair of these cute bowls; practicality stopped me though. I have butterfingers and i already have two porcelain bowls at home for my noodles. On second thought, i should get a second set as a backup right?

You can find food establishments along the street even though the numbers were not as extensive as what you can in night markets at Bangkok and Taiwan

If you are looking for something real interesting to do at Temple Street Night Market, it's to have your fortune told at the fortune teller street that's literally right door, near the Tin Hau temple. Click here for more photos! 


Temple Street, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon

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