Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Thrill Mountain Zone - Hair Raiser, Bumper Blaster & The Flash @ Ocean Park Hong Kong #thrillmountain #oceanparkhongkong

When i think of theme parks, the topmost things in my mind would be the thrilling rides! Hence, the first zone we went to at Ocean Park Hong Kong was the Thrill Mountain Zone!

While in the cable car, i could vividly hear the screams from those taking the "Hair Raiser" roller-coaster and obviously, that would be our first station.

You wouldn't be able to forget the gigantic clown's mouth which was the de-facto entrance for the roller-coaster ride. Reminded me of one scene in the horror movie; IT, but the teeth was razor sharp in the movie.

Skipping the long queue as we had the fast track pass! The line was insane, honestly, and to be honest, we didn't even manage to cover the whole Ocean Park despite having the priority for a number of popular rides / attractions.

The track; i love roller coasters as they provide the highest spike of fear and exhilaration that you normally can't get from other rides. Speaking of which, i should really consider making a trip to Gold Coast after the pandemic is over; heard the roller-coaster rides there are terrifying!

Within 4-minutes from entering, we were already at the start of the line! At first look, the roller-coaster felt like the human ride for Battlestar Galactica @ Universal Studios Singapore, before they reduced the seats from four to two per row.

Unlike the ones in USS, however, you don't get the stron g-force encountered in the beginning of the ride and there's no 'storyboard' pertaining to the origin of "Hair Raiser". Guess it's pure phenomenon based as your hair would technically rise every time you go through the inversions; of which there are 4.

Our turn and of course we had to take the front seats! Knowing i would be taking the roller-coaster, i specifically made sure i am wearing contacts so that i can see clearly!

Verdict; it was fun for a roller coaster and indeed thrilling! Ride was about a minute long and the track spans 850 meters which is considered quite lengthy, i thought.

Second stop; Bumper Blaster which is our familiar bumper car! I am terribly lousy in driving the bumper car whereas Alex is the direct opposite of me (he's good). Since it's covered under our fast track pass, we decided to check it out with Alex driving the car. Verdict - well, it's the same, old bumper car.

To me, a typical theme park should exude vibrancy, colours, excitement and cheerfulness and i totally love the carnival concept here although some might find it a bit old-school.

Carnival game booths! After that incident in Genting Highlands with Alex where he won a kid-sized soft toy (and i had to lug it back), i will try my very best to prevent him from playing the games whenever we are overseas.

Rev Booster - two reasons why we never attempted; the queue was too long and our fast track pass doesn't cover the ride, and i get motion sickness easily within such high-speed, spinning rides.

Another ride that we didn't bother queuing up for is on the right of the picture.

Called Whirly Bird; it's "a chair swing ride that soars 30 meters into the air"! Frankly, it didn't feel like 30 meters high when i was there! By the way, the colors a bit like the minions from Despicable Me film series right?

Another highlight in the Thrill Mountain zone; The Flash! When i was a teenager, i remember there was a similar ride brought in by Uncle Ringo as part of a travelling funfair but it can take in much lesser people and the chairs don't revolve.

Alex shall take the ride first!

Getting ready! 

And there he goes! It appeared tame in the beginning but just like the viking (pirate ship) ride, the fun part is later when the swing goes further up!

I was actually expecting a swing similar to the viking but up to maybe 170 degrees. But no, it was almost tipping the 180 degrees at a height of 22 meters and at a speed of 60 kilometre / hour!

It tipped over and made a full 360-degree turn! With the shrieks and the screams, i was getting excited in trying out the ride! Despite my fear for height, i am always ready to challenging my phobia!

Alex giving the thumbs-up but as you can see, it had started drizzling and i was wondering if the operator would stop the ride. That would have been so sad for me....

Nope, the ride did continue and i was ecstatic to be on it next! It was scary; it was high and my heart was in my mouth when it crossed the 180-degree and momentarily stopped for a second or two! Fun, fun, fun!

Video for your reference!




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