Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Ladies Market (along Tung Choi Street) - A Street Market Loses Its Shine @ Hong Kong #ladiesmarket

Back in 1997, the less travelled me was all wide-eyed as i strolled through the Ladies Market in Hong Kong; the amazing variety of products (including highly rated branded goods), the cramped, makeshift stalls in the middle of  Tung Choi Street and the hollers of the stall-keepers to attract customers.

Over twenty year later, i stepped into Ladies Market once again and the feel was entirely different. The older me had been to more countries around Asia and night / street markets with temporary stalls were immensely popular tourist attractions in places like Bangkok and Taiwan!

I personally feel that the Ladies Market had somewhat lost its shine; to the extent where i would put it on the same level as Patpong Night Market in Bangkok. The variety doesn't wow me, things were not insanely cheap given its proximity to mainland China where things are produced much cheaper and the tagline in many people's mind that it's a tourist trap.

Without further ado, let's have the pictures do the talking!

Anything that caught your fancy? Variety was pretty comprehensive but compared to reputable night markets like Ratchada Train Market in Bangkok; the atmosphere was a lot muted and i guess it has to do with the lack of street food as well.

Certain things caught my attention though; like the souvenirs you could bring back for your family and friends. Again, such things have a low production cost and i am amazed by the high pricing the fridge magnets and key-chains commanded. In Singapore, such basic souvenirs were priced very cheaply in tourist hot-spots like Chinatown.

Tempted to get the attractive fridge magnets on the far left as souvenirs but i already purchased a lot at The Peak Tower earlier that afternoon. :(

The kids' jumper suits were so adorable! It's a pity that Jerald and Jovyn are way past the age where such attire would have looked insanely cute on them!

I am unsure if people would be turned by the sight of soft toys being bundled in such a way. And isn't claw machines the rage nowadays?

Quite a number stalls were selling these glitter bags which i bet most young girls would love! Jovyn would have loved me to death if i bought her the one with the LOL character although i might be wrong as she switches her idols pretty fast! 

Easily the most eye-catching stall in the whole Ladies Market; selling sexy lingerie, i guess no one can just ignore the "elephant with a trunk" underwear. Of course, things are raunchier in Bangkok where you can find sex toys and even sex drugs.


Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok,
Kowloon, Hong Kong

Operating Hours
Mondays to Saturdays - 4 pm to Midnight
Sundays / Public Holidays - 12 pm to Midnight


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