Monday, May 04, 2020

Finding an Open Wound on my Foot

I was happily taking a shower when a sudden sharp pain was felt on my right foot, similar to the sensation of having a raw, open wound. As i wasn't wearing my glasses, i couldn't quite make out the source until after i stepped out of the washroom.

Initially, i thought it was just some allergic irritation but a closer look revealed that the skin was literally torn off! I did paste a medicated plaster at that area the night before but the excruciating pain when tearing my own skin should have been something i would have recalled when i removed the plaster! 

But no, i didn't remember and thought i must have accidentally scrapped my foot against an object. Two days later, i found the pile of plasters in another washroom; must have forgotten to throw them away. Wondering if it's indeed the fault of the plaster, i rummaged through. 

Gosh, evidence of a piece of dried skin! I really did tear off my own skin when i took off the plaster! How did that even happen?! Didn't i feel a single ounce of pain!? There's another pressing question; was the plaster that strong? And since it's medicated plaster, would the same thing happen again!? 

Frankly, the medicated plaster was from my favourite brand that could only be purchased in Thailand. The year of expiry is 2564 and based on the Thailand calendar, which starts 543 years ahead of the Gregorian calendar, it should be 2021. 

Guess i must used too much brute force when i tore off the plaster. Shall be more careful next time and wish the current open wound would recover soon! 

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