Thursday, May 07, 2020

Lizard in the House - Use The Plastic Container to Catch It!

I do recycle the plastic containers gotten from food deliveries but i just found another use for them recently that i thought would be good to share with those who have to catch the little pests like cockroaches and lizards at home! 

Cover them using the containers! Now, i don't like to kill the pests as it's gonna be so much messier, plus i do feel guilty if i have to terminate their life. Of course, this method of containment doesn't work for bigger / flying pests. But in this case, for a lizard, it did the job! 

By the way, this baby lizard darn cute sia; i almost thought of keeping it as a pet. Anyway, use a piece of paper and slowly push it underneath the container. If the pest is too heavy, you can tape the paper to the container to ensure it's kept within it. After which, just throw it down the rubbish chute. 

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