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The Emerald Pool (Sa Morakot) @ Krabi [Thailand] #emeraldpool

The visit to Emerald Pool is always packaged with the Hot Spring Waterfall in Krabi given their close proximity of only about 10 kilometres (a car ride would take about 20 minutes).

You can refer to the above map for a clearer depiction of their closeness; look out for the red dots. Anyway, this would be our stop before having lunch and the instruction from the guide was clear; please reach the restaurant before 1.30 pm.

Aside from the emerald pool, you can also find a blue pool which is only open between January and April. Our visit, sadly, was out of its operation period. Good also as it's located about 600 metres away from emerald pool and i doubt we would have sufficient time to cover it.

Entrance fees are applicable at 200 baht for an adult foreigner! Our tour prices have already included the entrance fees. As mentioned in my posting for the Hot Spring Waterfall, "do check with your tour agent in advance, in case you are required to settle the fees separately".

With the clear water, i thought this was it and darn was it convenient as it's just meters away from the entrance. Don't be fooled, it's still a walk.

You have two options to get to emerald pool; the easier, shorter way (at 800 meters) is via the above gravel  route that's wider. You don't have to jostle with the others.

The more scenic way is using this concrete, narrow path. At 1,400 meters to emerald pool, it's a lot longer than the gravel road. For me, my choice was straightforward.

Scenic way and even the dog agreed with my decision.

Spotted a crab shortly after!

River with clear water running alongside us. It's indeed therapeutic to immerse in nature's breath and music but as the path was narrow; please be mindful of those waiting to bypass you!

Some observant visitors would also stop to take photos. I like such visitors as they piqued my interest and i am always curious to know what they are looking at.

A red, hairy caterpillar!

This was one dangerous plant with spikes sprouting all over its branches! And don't assume the spikes are soft; i touched and boy were they hard and sharp!

Continuing our journey.

A forked road and both led to the same place; if only they could have indicated the distance so that i would know which to choose! And what's Sra Kaew?

Sra Kaew is also known as glass pool which is roughly 35 metres wide, 45 meters long and between one to three meters deep. Unlike emerald pool, you can't step into the water.

Water was a bit green though, unlike the photos shown on a panel which was more hues of green and blue. Well, maybe mineral composition differs according to seasons and weather.

Guess we would be reaching our destination.

Fishes in the water; i was alerted to this by a Thai national and i am glad i took basic Thai language as he was talking about "plaa" which i know is Thai for fish!

Families were enjoying the stream that was branched out from the emerald pool.

Don't expect a decent path; hence, beware of slippery flooring. My recommendation is to wear a comfortable pair of crocs with good grip!

Emerald pool and you can see many people swimming in it. Unlike the cramped Hot Spring Waterfall, there's ample space for everyone to have a refreshing soak.

More photos for your viewing pleasure!

It's a natural, mineral pool and you don't get man-made amenities specially built for humans' convenience. You do get a rope if you wish to pull yourself out of the water.

There were also natural platforms like the one above that allows you to lift yourself up and then out of the pool. The water wasn't deep and i didn't feel that i could fully submerge in it.

However, those with kids would still be better off playing at the stream. The problem is; many visitors would wash their slippers and feet using the stream.

Tadpoles! Which means there should be frogs, toads around.

Water in the emerald pool actually came from the yellow-colored slope but you don't get the feeling there is water running down into the pool until you are much closer.

The ground didn't feel solid and was in fact a bit mushy; i could easily break it apart using my toes! Not sure if you could use it as a mask but i didn't see anyone doing that!

A rope; maybe it's to prevent people from running quickly down the slope and then jumping into the emerald pool which would constitute as a dangerous act if there are already people in to the pool.

Finally found a dry spot for us to put our belongings! This is always a problem whenever we travel as there is so much insecurity. But, it's better to mar the experience if our things are stolen.

Now it's time. Time for what?

Time to jump into the turquoise water for a refreshing soak and swim! I didn't want to soak in the Hot Spring as i only brought one set of clothing and the emerald pool was more inviting!

More photos, taken using the underwater Olympus Tough camera. Should i invest in a Dji Osmo Pocket? It would be great for videos and there's even an underwater module...

Neck massage!

Many people were eyeing the spot for a hydro massage for their neck so do grab it if it happens to be available. But be considerate and give way to others instead of hogging it for long period of time.

Our belongings in clear sight; covered with a luminous green beach towel bought from Decathlon. Don't go for safe colours like black or white or navy blue; bright colours are the ones that stand out. Next time, i am buying a pink or red towel so that i can spot them from far, far away!
Bottom of the pool; filled mainly with sand with the occasional stones and pebbles. 

There were small, little fishes too. I am not sure if you could spot one in the above photograph; to the left of the natural platform i mentioned earlier.

More pictures; i was so enjoying my swim in the emerald pool. Like jogging, i used to swim a lot too but eventually found them a waste of time. Age has changed my perspective though and i actually rekindle my jog for swimming after this trip to Krabi.

It's time to leave as our tummy had started to growl!

Directions to the blue pool  which was beyond the yellow slope and said to be about 600 meters away. Well, it wasn't particularly stunning from the online pictures; so i guess it's okay to miss it.

Last look of the emerald pool.

You wouldn't catch me butt naked in the public; i needed a washroom to change into my dry clothing! The toilets were just a short distance away from the emerald pool.

Taking the 800-meter gravel path this time!

Kind of regretted my choice after seeing the sign above. I think i can behave normally around a non-venomous snake but a cobra?! Seriously?!  Almost got a panic attack; thankfully there were other people taking the same path and if anything happens, i guess help will not be very much delayed.

A dark pavilion in the middle of our walk; i always feel that nature reserves are perfect environments to host a Halloween event. Having said that, it wouldn't be beneficial to the fauna living there though.

Reaching the entrance after walking about 12 minutes for 800 meters. In comparison, the scenic walk took us roughly about 20 minutes.

-The End-


Khlong Thom Nuea, Khlong Thom District, 
Krabi 81120, Thailand

Location Map

Area Map
As above

Entrance Fees
Foreigner Adult - 200 Baht
Foreigner Child -100 Baht

Click here for the itinerary 

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