Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Taking the Cable Car Across the Mountain at Ocean Park Hong Kong

The queue to take the cable car at Ocean Park Hong Kong was off-putting under the hot summer weather but the fast track pass allowed us the use of the priority lane for which there were much lesser people.

Now, i never quite understand why you need a cable car system within a theme park that's smaller than Disneyland Hong Kong. It's necessary as the two main areas in Ocean Park, Waterfront and Summit, that are separated by the 282-meter high Brick Hill!

Don't you think the design of the cable car is rather interesting? It can accommodate six persons but it's individual seating! Funnier is the fact that the passengers face inwards and it can be awkward when you don't know everyone in the car!

Looked squeezy and with the horizontal metal bars; my god, it's literally a bird cage in front of me! I don't think the people inside are friends; see how awkward they were.

Starting the 1.5-kilometre journey with 4 strangers.

My front was facing the track going towards the Summit but i can feel the uncomfortable vibe from the rest when my camera pointed towards them. Sigh, had to concentrate on my back or the side instead.

Apartments and buildings on sloping hills facing the Deep Water Bay. Real estate prices are known to be notoriously high in Hong Kong; a friend told me recently that he is staying in a government studio apartment that's a third smaller than my flat and it cost over a million Singapore dollars! That's more than 3 times the amount i paid for!

I can't imagine how much these landed properties with swimming pools would cost. Maybe more expensive than those at Sentosa Cove which can cost more than S$30 million.

Photos of the scenery behind me; the dark building somewhere in the centre or centre left is Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel and the hill at the back is the 439-meter high Mount Cameron.

The support pillars on the hillside don't look assuring in the unfortunate event of earthquakes! In case you are wondering, Hong Kong encounters an average of two tremors a year and the most recent was earlier this year but the magnitude was at a low 3.4.

Whenever i am taking a photo in front of me, the guys would automatically turn their heads. Anyway, i think this was the highest point of the cable car ride.

Nearing the area of The Summit at Ocean Park Hong Kong where you can see the roller-coaster track of "Hair Raiser" within the Thrill Mountain zone!

The Brick Hill that we are crossing over using the cable car isn't exclusively Ocean Park territory as a large section is forested and served by hiking trail accessible to the public. 

If you notice, there appeared to be a lot of bird cages on the tracks. According to Wikipedia, there are a total of "252 cable cars on the two pairs of ropeways".

More pictures of the Deep Water Bay! I was discussing with my Hong Kong friend previously that Hong Kong has a bigger land area than Singapore and with ample space to build more public housing. However, they apparently have strict conservation laws.

Hair Raiser again; to read more about the Thrill Mountain zone, click here.

Reaching the The Summit station; the ride took us maybe about 10 minutes. Unlike Ngong Ping 360, the scenery was not as varied but since this cable car ride is covered under the ticketing price for Ocean Park; no complaint!

Last picture; showing you the wheels that moved the 252 cable cars!


Ocean Park Hong Kong 

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10.00 am to 6.00 pm

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