Saturday, May 16, 2020

Ocean Express - A Faster Connection Underneath Brick Hill @ Ocean Park Hong Kong

I have talked about the cable car at Ocean Park that crosses the 282-meter high Brick Hill to bring us from the Waterfront area to the Summit. If you prefer something faster and less of a challenge (especially if you have a fear for height), do consider the Ocean Express.

Instead of going over the hill, the express shall bore through the hill to bring you to your destined area. A funicular railway system; it did seem that the track will bring us underwater and it was said that "it utilises multimedia effects to simulate the feeling of travelling into the depths of the sea".

Looking like a discovery probe exploring the mysterious deep ocean, this train shall take us across a 1,300-meter journey over a short 4-minute time-frame. That's more than half the time saved as compared to taking the cable car.

We were given priority to board the express due to the fast track pass but we totally didn't expect the strong 'push' from a large group of tourists once their gantry was open. I have never felt so violated, honestly.

Alex was arguably displeased as he felt it was utter rudeness! I am just glad that he didn't flare up as it would have been a huge scene. Anyway, i couldn't hard move around to take photos and hear anything given the constant chatter.

Finally! The express might not have the width but it sure has the length as this train can take in a total of more 5,000 tourists an hour! Wait, that's an hour; how many persons can it take in a ride?

From the look of it, still at least a few hundred!

Picture of Ocean Express Waterfront station. If you ask me whether i prefer the cable car or the ocean express, my opinion is split as speed wise, the latter is way faster. However, the allure of nice scenery on a cable car is a huge pull factor and with the limited capacity of cable cars; the queue is always longer.



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