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Kodam Kitchen - Ranked Number 2 Out of 336 Restaurants in Ao Nang @ Krabi [Thailand] #kodamkitchen

As an indisputable tourist town, it might be hard to find establishments serving good Thai food in Aonang that doesn't break the bank. And that's the reason why we had to search in the alleys as remote locations have the tendency to hide gems.

Here we are, at the end of Soi Khlong Hang 4; Kodam Kitchen.

Non-air-conditioned with limited sheltered dining area, there are two ways available; either pray for fair weather on the day of your visit or book a table at least one day in advance (contact details available at their website here).

We didn't book and had to sit outside, under the a tree. Frankly, I am more worried of roosting birds that might additional "ingredients" to my food. Thankfully, i don't remember seeing any birds on the tree.

Provision of serviettes, toothpicks and a bottle of spray to deter insects and mosquitoes! Now, that's really some heartfelt considerations as most eateries, especially in Singapore, wouldn't even bother as it would add to their operational expenditure!

Advantage of sitting outside; closeness to the BBQ kitchen where you can see the sparks and the action. Just kidding! Let's now think what to have for dinner on our last night in Krabi.

Showing you the signature dishes of Kodam Kitchen; prices are definitely not cheap for local standard although they fall below S$10 which i found to be still quite acceptable.

Mango Sticky Rice - i recently got to know the recipe for make mango sticky rice and boy was it sinful! I guess i should order less of it in the future! By the way, the photograph didn't turn out too well as i have forgotten to reset the setting after taking the sunset earlier!

Much better now. Why wasn't the mango skin removed?! No wonder it's so hard to cut through the meat using the spoon. Sadly, the mango wasn't sweet enough and the saving grace was the coconut sticky rice which was delicious on its good with crunch bits from the mung beans.

Chicken Satay - i am seldom impressed with satay from outside of Singapore and Malaysia as they have the tendency to focus on meat, not fats. It's the same case here at Kodam Kitchen but at almost 20 baht a stick, it's still reassuring to see a generous portion.

The meat was tender although the marination wasn't as sweet as our local version in Singapore. The sauce was nice but i was more impressed with the pickled cucumbers which worked marvelously to perk the taste buds! Don't miss out the pineapple base; it was surprisingly sweet.

Mixed Grilled Seafood Platter (for 2) - a greedy man would love this as it provides the variety consisting of fish, squids, mussels, prawns and assorted vegetables.

Fresh tasting although i thought the dish could have been served pipping hot. Nonetheless, the taste did appeal to me and the seafood was a perfect combi with the spicy chilli dip!

Pineapple Fried Rice - this was seen on most tables and i guess we should have one to check it out. With a mish mash of cashew nuts, raisins and cubes of pineapple, this was as tasty as it looked and in fact, one of the better ones i have in my life! If only i brought along pork floss to sprinkle on the rice...


For the two us, one of whom has a small stomach, we literally wiped out the food! While there were misses, like the mango sticky rice, i personally feel this was our best meal in this Krabi trip and no, it didn't burn a hole in my pocket.

Ranked number 2 out of 336 restaurants in Aonang on TripAdvisor, i was wondering why there wasn't a queue at its entrance. No queue because customers would be brought to this waiting area instead, where they may continue to wait for their turn, in comfort. No air-conditioning but having a chair is better than nothing! 

155/7 Khlong Hang Rd, Ao Nang,
Mueang Krabi District, Chang Wat Krabi 81180,


As above.


Mango Sticky Rice - 120 baht 
Chicken Satay - 100 baht
Mixed Grilled Seafood Platter (for 2) - 350 baht
Pineapple Fried Rice - 150 baht

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