Saturday, May 21, 2016

Train Night Market Ratchada 2016 @ Bangkok [Thailand]

I didn't intend to blog about the train market in Ratchada as i did quite a comprehensive post back in 2015 (you may click here). Nevertheless, i shall give a short update here so as cut to down the number of pictures dedicated for my "daily" posts for my recent Bangkok trip

Pity i didn't do as recommended in my blog post; which was to check out esplanade mall before having dinner at the train market. We were just too obsessed with the wide array of food at terminal 21 food court and literally stuffed ourselves crazy. 

Frankly, i didn't think the market had changed much and that's hardly a surprise as it was only about nine months ago when i last visited. If you would like to view more photos, do click here

Weather was warmer this time with the occasional light breeze that gave a short, cool respite. If you ask me, the older i get, the more i crave for comfort and in this case, air-conditioning! 

Oh my gosh, a store selling old-school snacks and games popular at a time when video games were non-existent and computers were used only in big corporations! 

I actually like retro-styled stores although i am more likely to reminisce about the old days rather than buying anything. Especially at my age when i honestly need to control my sugar intake; those sweets are just laden with glucose and i very much prefer to spend my limited intake on desserts like cakes and pastries.

Popularity of Descendants of the Sun Korean drama can be seen and felt - i should go watch it and see what the big hooha is. Personally, i like Song Hye-Kyo! 

Exploring the lined up stalls with many of them selling clothes and accessories; not the kind of stuff i am looking for in the trip. As i just moved into my own bachelor pad, my intent was more on house products; decorative stuff etc. 

Vintage light bulbs fall under that category even though i wasn't keen on having light bulbs that honestly speaking, wouldn't light up the room as well as an LED light. I shared my reservation but that didn't stop Alex from buying one for himself.

Thirst got to us at the end and of course, it's the tangerine juice that came to the rescue! Alex was more adventurous than me and got the huge-ass cola instead; he hated it by the way and said it tasted like watered down cola. 

Okay, this concluded the post on Train Night Market Ratchada 2016. As mentioned earlier, do check out here if you would like to have a better feel of what to expect of Ratchada Train Market (Talad Rot Fai).


Behind Esplanade Mall,
Bangkok [Thailand]

MRT Station
Thailand Cultural Centre MRT station
(Look out for the helpful signs at the MRT station!)

For my relaxing 6 days, 5 nights Bangkok itinerary, please click here. :) 

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