Tuesday, May 12, 2020

FreezePak Crispy Chicken Nuggets - Almost as Good as McDonald's Chicken Nuggets at a Fraction of the Price! #freezepaknuggets

This was supposed to be a secret that i am willing to bring to my deathbed but the closure of McDonald's Singapore due to the numerous COVID-19 cases led to its disclosure by many on social media.

Let's talk about nuggets today. I don't really eat at McDonald's; however, in the rare occasion that i do, you would likely find me ordering their chicken nuggets. Not anymore after i was introduced to a specific brand of frozen chicken nuggets available in supermarkets!

FreezePak Crispy Chicken Nuggets - using 100% premium grade chicken meat, you can definitely find a pack in my freezer any time as it's so convenient to cook the nuggets. At one kilogram a pack (counting more than 40 frozen chicken nuggets) retailing at between S$6.95 and S$7.50), it's also much cheaper than McDonald's

Helpful instructions as above! For a lazy person like me who dislike cleaning and doesn't have an air-fryer, the oven is my preferred option. Even though it was indicated as 10-15 minutes, i baked mine for around 20 minutes as i enjoy a crispier bite.

In case you are concerned about allergies towards the ingredients, you may refer to the list above. By the way, you may wish to note that it's a product of Thailand. I have no idea why i kept thinking it's manufactured in Singapore.

A typical serving; about 19-20 frozen nuggets (yes, you don't have to defrost them) on baking paper ready to be toasted in a pre-heated oven of 200 degrees celcius. Alex, for one, can eat 20 at one go; hence, these weren't much for two of us.

Toasting, toasting, toasting! 

I like my nuggets to be evenly toasted and would turn them over at the 10-minute mark. As ovens differ in temperature and capability, use your eyes to determine if they are ready for consumption!

For me, i would wait till the nuggets turn golden brown and you can see the oil sizzling on top of them. Don't wait too long as the skin would shrivel and they wouldn't taste as great.

Eat them while they are hot! McDonald's chicken nuggets must always go with their complimentary curry sauce but i am happy substituting it with my favourite Kimball Thai chilli sauce!

Each bite was so satisfying with a substantial amount of chicken meat in the middle that tasted almost like the McDonald's chicken nuggets; i wrote "almost" because the texture on the outside wasn't as crisp as the golden M.  Maybe deep frying them would solve the problem.

With the "secret" out of the bag, i know i must stock up but there's many so much freezer space i have! In case you are wondering where you can find them, FreezePak is sold in NTUC Fairprice, Sheng Siong and some neighbourhood supermarkets. p.s. this was purchased before i got to know that McDonald's has opened for business. 

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