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Hans im Glück German Burgergrill - Not Perfect Yet Totally Worth The Price with the Top Up to a Set @ Vivo City [Singapore] #hansimglucksingapore

On the invitation from a friend cum colleague a few months ago, i had my first dining experience at Hans im Glück and told myself i will be back again; this time bringing along my DSLR for an official review! 

For any first-timer, the thing that would definitely attract your attention shall be the wood-based interior design. Bring someone blindfolded and i bet this person would think you have brought him / her to a unique cafe built to accommodate existing trees on site.

There's even a well with overhanging vines! Although fake, you can't deny the overall design and concept does throw one off the feet. p.s. the tables surrounding the well are ergonomically bad despite being functionally space-saving. 

Two reasons i would strongly recommend Hans im Glück; one is the decor which i have shared above and the second shall be the optional top up to a set (either alcohol or non-alcohol). 

It's extremely worth it as you get a side (salad / fries), a burger (including vegetarian and vegan options), a cold drink and a hot beverage; all for just an extra 5 bucks for the non-alcoholic set.

A friend would indicate a third reason; the set of sauces available on each table! He was so insanely in love with the sauces (chilli, grill, mayonnasie, mustard) that he had to inquire with the staff if they were for sale! Anyway, let's start with our meal.

With 7 types and a further breakdown to a few flavours, i guarantee you would have a hard time choosing the thirst quencher that's supposed to quench your thirst. 

Eistee (Basil Cucumber) - my choice for the day; the ice tea was refreshing with a noticeable cucumber taste and a touch of basil. The one i really want to try, yet don't have the guts to, is the Kids Malt Beer.

My side; the Signature Sweet Potato Fries and the Alsdann burger! The sweetness was just right but i do prefer a crispier bite. I am never much of a french fries person and the increasing popularity of sweet potato fries is in fact good news for me. 

Alsdann Burger - despite the variety of vegetarian and vegan burgers, i am sorry to say that i am first and foremost a meat lover and i will feel sorry for myself if i forgo the meat option; hence, this 100% beef burger with multigrain bun (you can also op for sourdough / naked), fresh lettuce, onions, tomatoes, grilled pear, mild blue cheese sauce and walnuts! 

On its own, the pear was nice and crunchy but i was a tad disappointed with the beef patty; it was relatively thin and pretty dry. The one at shake shack was considerably thicker and juicier! Overall, it didn't elicit an excitement for me even though it could have been due to wrong choice of burger as i had birkenwald on my first visit and it was better. 

Nonetheless, it's still pretty decent for a burger and it doesn't make sense for me to waste food! I literally cleaned up the entire plate; with the help of the sauces! 

Mocha - most sets in other restaurants would usually stop at one drink. Not the case in Hans im Glück as they offer a hot beverage to complete the meal. As some of you are aware, i am a coffee snob and enjoy my kopi gao over espresso. Whatever the case, i do like this glass of mocha; not overly bitter yet sufficient to perk me up on a Saturday afternoon.


1 Harbourfront Walk, 
#01-57 Vivo City, 
Singapore 098585



Alsdann Burger - S$17.00
Top Up (Non-Alcoholic Set) - S$5.00
(Subject to GST and Service Charge)

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