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Phra Nang Beach @ Krabi [Thailand] #phranangbeachkrabi

This looked like a james bond moment as the rock reminded me so much of the James Bond Island i visited two years ago on my Phuket trip!

Similarities are common though as Phuket is geographically next to Krabi and such limestone terrain on sea is quite the norm. Anyway, here we alighted to explore Phra Nang Beach.

Guide mentioned about a few routes we can take but i wasn't concentrating much as time to spend there was limited and she mentioned something like an hour just to walk over to another beach. Guess i am happy jusr to explore on our own.

Many were happy to be under shade. Not for me as i don't pay money to stay hidden from the sun when i could do so back in Singapore, in the comfort of my own home!

This cliff is no joke!

Given the popularity of the beach, those with property are understandably unhappy with the throngs of tourists destroying the peace and quiet of the surroundings.

Quite a few hotels in the area and i bet it would be perfect if you wish to have an overseas vacation that's away from the crowd (at least it would be when night falls) with stunningly beautiful backdrops! 

More photos; in front and behind me.

A popular activity in Krabi; rock climbing and it's as real as you perceived it to be as the ones we have in Singapore are generally fake and purpose built with "steps". 

Looked dangerous yet fun! Oh well, i am scared of heights and this wouldn't be something i am keen to try unless someone dares me. 

The pretty common no-drone notice. Actually it's not a strict no since you just need to request for permission; subject to approval of course. 

Cliff versus criff - many a times, we laugh at wrong spellings but it's good to be mindful that English is not the main language in Thailand. Even right here in Singapore, where we converse mainly in English, such misspelling is not that rare too. 

Arriving at the phra nang cave; also known as the princess cave, there's a shrine right outside said to be blessed with the ability to fulfill one's wishes! To me, i think that's the objective for most devotees who visit religious dwellings and there's nothing shocking about it. More shocking are the items placed around the shrine.

Phallic objects of many sizes! Bet conservative ladies would shy away at the mere look of them! For more photographs, check out my dedicated posting of this penis shrine here

I wonder if there would be any corals around there.... tempted to strip down and take a swim but i still have yet to explore the rest of the area and we have only an hour....

The one in the middle could have been mistaken as a turtle! 

As usual, too many pictures; this is not just a rock given the size. Known as Ko Rang Nok, i saw on google map that it's also a spot to catch the bioluminecent planktons.

Eateries on boats?! That's interesting.

Prices are not cheap and it appeared to be takeaways only. 

Couldn't resist and i got a can of coke at 40 baht. While i am a coke fan, i will crave for coke when the weather is too hot. What's lacking is just dash a salt! 

Alex was happy with his magnum ice cream that cost an expensive 100 baht! 

Coming to the end of our trek. I thought there wasn't much and wondered why the guide said we needed an hour. It's only when i checked on google map after my trip that i found another route near the shrine that i had missed out! :( Never mind, i bet i would be back to Krabi again soon. 

Flowers on the sand; maybe someone had a proposal or something the night before. As this area faces the west, i bet it would be darn romantic when the sun sets. 

A dead bird. May your spirit rest in peace. 

Looking towards the other end of the Phra Nang Beach. I mentioned a separate route near the shrine and that would bring us to the East Railay Bay Beach and also a viewpoint. Sigh, why did i miss it?

Massage, pedicure and manicure services are available; albeit, alfresco style. Guess more targeted towards those who are staying there or on private tours as i didn't think we do not have the luxury of time. 

I think nowadays, Singapore is no longer a FINE city. 

Sun tanning used to be something i enjoyed very much since i am pretty fair. Now that i am older, i know slightly better than to further damage my already bad skin. Having said that, i can still snorkel for hours!

Many people had their faces turned to the beach whereas this couple were fixated on something at the back. Being kaypoh (a trait inherited form my mom), i was curious.

Oh! An Asian water monitor lizard! 

There's a youngling too and it's rummaging through the belongings of another beach-goer who didn't know what to do. As it's likely the child of the bigger lizard, i think chasing it away might result in a confrontation! 

Time to go! 


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