Thursday, March 05, 2020

Lao Beijing (老北京食堂) - Ala Carte Menu at Velocity@Novena [Singapore] #laobeijing

A fond memory of Lao Beijing involves Alex at a meal we had about 14 years ago at its Plaza Singapura branch (closed down since); we were halfway through and he just dozed off! Yes, like a baby! 

It was their signature hi-tea buffet that we had then but this time; dinner was at its only remaining branch in Velocity@Novena and it shall be ala-carte as my almost 40-year-old body isn't able to indulge as much food as i used to. 

Shall leave the ordering to my secondary school friends (one of whom stretched back to my kindergarten days) as the ladies would likely be pickier than i am! To be fair, i don't think i am okay with anything too! 

Dace with Black Bean and Romaine Lettuce - this would be one of the things i am not that keen in as i am not likely to order vegetables when i am outside. They tasted alright although again; not impressive enough to warrant a reorder in the future. 

Braised Fish with Picked Cabbage and Chilli - despite my love for the expensive mala sold in many hawker centres and food courts nowadays, i am not a huge fan of numbing spiciness! 

Truthfully, it looked innocent enough but we shouldn't judge a dish by its appearance! The spiciness hit like a hammer! I think this will appeal to those who enjoy the initial sting in their mouth follows by a numbing sensation.  

Steamed Juicy Meat Bun (Xiaolongbao) - many a time, i have been disappointed by xiaolongbao. Not the ones from Lao Beijing; the delicious meat juice was encapsulated by a thin layer of dough skin and it was shiok to have with a few raw ginger strips soaked in vinegar! 

You know what's the best thing? You can have your fill of raw ginger strips from the container placed on each table! Isn't that thoughtful?! I hate it when i ask for extra and the amount given to me is always so pathetically little! 

Beijing Style Pork Pancake - i ever tried this kind of pancake before and found them lacking of meat. This was fried to crisp, like our local roti prata and it was surprisingly good with a tasty meat filling that's mixed in with onions. Love it in fact! 

Pan-Fried Onion Pancake -some people can't stand the aroma of spring onions; not me though. The fragrance was so enticing as my teeth sank into the pancake; the filling was generous and it was appetising enough for me to keep going for it.

Red Bean Pancake - yes, yet again a pancake even though this would be considered a dessert! To be honest, its appearance seemed to suggest a thicker dough and a thin layer of red bean paste; factors that are "failed" in my opinion.

Turned out to be another nice surprise; it was indeed thick but the combination was perfect; with an equivalent indulgence for both the dough and the paste. That's a shock as the usual me would have lamented about the lack of red bean paste. 

Lao Beijing Peking Duck - when it comes to dishes involving duck, i must admit peking duck ranks high top on my list and since we are at Lao Beijing; i think it makes total sense for us to order their peking duck which came in either half or whole duck. 

Meat was succulent and the roasted skin was thin; while it was pretty good as a whole package, i did find the fat level to be on the low side (compare it to the authentic one i had at Beijing Quan Ju De) and also, the "wrap" was a bit stale although it's hardly noticeable with the meat, the sweet bean sauce sauce, cucumber and the spring onion. 


238 Thomson Rd, #02-11/12,
Velocity @ Novena Square, 
Singapore 307683


Dace with Black Bean and Romaine Lettuce - S$16.80
Braised Fish with Picked Cabbage and Chilli - S$28.00
Steamed Juicy Meat Bun (Xiaolongbao) - S$8.00
Beijing Style Pork Pancake - S$8.80
Pan-Fried Onion Pancake - S$5.00
Red Bean Pancake - S$8.00
Lao Beijing Peking Duck - S$34.00
(Subject to Service Charge and GST)

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