Saturday, March 21, 2020

Devil Chicken (恶魔鸡排) - Newly Opened, Serving Taiwanese Style Fried Chicken Cutlet @ Northpoint City [Yishun, Singapore] #devilchicken #northpoint

I mentioned to my friend about the monga chicken i had at Jem late last year and she mentioned that devil chicken at the nearby jCube is better. Before i could even check it out, it opens a branch right here at Singapore's most interesting town; Yishun! 

Known as Devil Evolution in Taiwan (Chinese name remains unchanged), i think the name would not sit well with those who are religious although you have to admit it's really easy to remember. 

This bag is like my third purchase so far; and it's a necessary indulgence on Thursday night as i was facing some stress at work and needed either meat / blood to feel better. Should it be insufficient, i would play a game or two on Left 4 Dead 2

As the branch is a takeaway outlet, i had to bring back to my home as i am a strong supporter of eating fried chicken with my bare hands! Thankfully, i live just 5-6 minutes walk but resistance was required as the delicious-smelling aroma persistently tempted me to peel off just a small piece.

Size of the fried chicken (original) as compared to my palm! At S$7.90 a piece, it's pricey but to make me feel better; a fried cutlet at a typical Western food stall would be about the same price yet may not be as large. And i dislike having carbohydrates (French fries etc) for dinner. 

The beautiful golden-brown batter! 

Let's cut it up! Oops, i decided to use a fork and knife so that the cut would be cleaner for picture taking. As you can see, the batter was thin just like Monga Chicken and the chicken meat appeared to be moist and juicy. 

Similar to Monga Chicken, i do find the chicken meat a bit bland with not much seasoning. Well, it means you get the true taste of chicken which is fine with me so long i have chilli sauce to go with it. The juiciness was there and it's a bit thick at the breast meat part; the preference is for the meat to be slightly flattened for a balanced chicken-batter ratio. 

To me, the winning point over Monga Chicken is the batter which has a nicer, addictive sweetness to it. And since good things must be saved for the last, i consolidated the batter so that i can eat them all at one go! 

As with authentic Taiwanese style fried chicken, there are a lot of bones! 


1 Northpoint Drive, Northpoint City,
 #B2-126 Singapore 768019

Website (in Chinese)

Original Devil Chicken - S$7.90 

Additional Information
March promotion - fried chicken skin with 2 fried chickens purchased. 
While stocks last! 

Islandwide free delivery provided you purchase 
a minimum of S$300 or 40 pieces of fried chicken! 

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