Thursday, November 22, 2018

Patpong - The Night Market in the Red Light District @ Bangkok [Thailand]

A long time ago, the infamous Patpong night market in Bangkok was said to be a compulsory item on your itinerary but in the present times, it's ranked at a dismal 528 (out of 574 things to do in Bangkok) on TripAdvisor.

The poor ranking didn't put me off though and since it's right next to a BTS station that's on the Silom Line direct from Kritthai Residence (where we stayed); the convenience actually encouraged us to drop by for a look! 

For a Sunday night, i thought the crowd was too thin for a night market although to be fair, the location is in the central business district of Bangkok. Navigating it is also pretty straightforward as the market is on a straight road that's less than 250-meter long.

Those looking for 'special action' can entertain the many touts promoting ping pong shows; kind of reminded me of my experience at Bangla Street at Phuket's Patong although the atmosphere in Phuket was way more electrifying! Do note there are a number of scams highlighted on TripAdvisor for the ping pong shows. 

As a night market, it didn't differ much from the others except for the occasional sale of fake luxury bags and watches. Kind of boring and prices are renowned to be exorbitant with bargaining said to be requirement! 

I didn't dare bring along my big-ass DSLR as the area is said to be controlled by the triads and you know how sensitive photographs can be. Even our buddies at Galaxy Tailor told us to be careful when they knew we were going there. Hence, you don't see that many photographs in this post. p.s. in addition, iPhone XR takes crappy photos under low light. 

While the night market didn't quite interest us as compared to other night markets; one thing did manage to perk us up - the error message on the publicity board! 


Location Map

As above.

Additional Information
If you happen to visit Patpong Night Market, do check the 10 baht tender grilled pork from a nearby roadside stall. Click here for pictures and location! 

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