Sunday, March 08, 2020

Tup Island - Visit When The Tide is Low @ Krabi [Thailand] #tupisland

The blob that appeared ahead of us was so small; i wonder what would be the key interest with so many speedboats "parked" around the island known as Ko Tup! 

Have you ever seen boats giving way to each other so that another one can squeeze in? We did and it was quite a simple affair involving slower speed, and staff members pushing the neighboring boats to make space.

It was an eye-opener for me though! See how wide a space we were given; you would never have imagined that before then, it felt impossible for a space to be open up.

Alighted; this was the point when i regretted not bringing my snorkeling shoes.

Stones, boulders, rocks i can accept but not when they were covered with barnacles / limpets given the significantly higher chance of getting yourself cut! So, please navigate with care.

Reaching the section where there's a natural sand bank connecting to another island. Not that interesting in my opinion and even more so when there were so many visitors crowding the space.

Sole retail store doing a roaring business! 

Longtail boats; the iconic yet traditional water vessels in Thailand. Even though we have been to Thailand a few times for relaxing, beach vacations, we have never taken the long-tail boats as their speed on water is not as fast as speedboats. 

Tide might appear to be low but it's sadly not. Should it be at its lowest point, we would be able to check out the key interest for Tup Island. 

Once the sea level drops down to its lowest level for the day; a sand bank would appear and we can literally walk over to the adjacent island which i blogged earlier; the chicken head island

Well, no point getting affected; my life continues.

Given the scenery, people were flocking to this area for photo-taking. Problem is the cluster of rocks and i even chanced upon a lady who cut her finger while pushing herself up using the rocks for stability.

More photographs for your viewing pleasure. It was beautiful but the thought of getting myself cut prevented me from taking a swim. Furthermore, i enjoy snorkeling more than swimming and there didn't appear to be much corals.

Even Alex was happy just soaking his feet. For me, i am the lazy kind who would always look out for places to sit, especially when there's nothing much for me to do! 

Just too many dangerous boulders and i am not risking my butt! Any cut would mean an excruciating pain whenever i need to sit; and i love to nuah around everywhere, like a snake! 

Finally found a spot with shelter and smooth surface. 

Wait; this gentleman was wearing just his underwear?! While some swimming trunks might be mistaken as underwear; i think this was a pretty clear-cut case. I can see Calvin Klein on the waistband. 

Anyway, time to leave! 


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