Sunday, March 22, 2020

Madness 3D Adventure at The Peak Tower [Victoria Peak, Hong Kong] #madness3d #thepeaktower

Even though i am no stranger to 3D, trick art museums (visited once in Jeju and another time at Langkawi), i continue to be amazed by how our eyes can be deceived so easily. Having said that, the ticket prices don't come cheap and i am always hesitant to pay for entry.

But the Madness 3D Adventure at The Peak Tower in Hong Kong was offering free admission! Time spent at 3D museums is usually long but the idea saving some money means i had to persuade Alex to step in with me. p.s. he is a necessity; either be my model or help to be my photographer. 

Featuring artworks by local artists, the scenes are reminiscent of Hong Kong in its past and present which i thought is a draw for any foreign visitor. In the other trick eye museums, i could often find duplicates and i don't see the relevance of seeing a portrait of a smoking Mona Lisa when i am in South Korea

Let's go bungee jumping! 
I had to blur the face to hide the person's identity. 

There's no such thing as a free lunch. Navigation within the attraction is a one-way street and there are a few scenes, with mock-up props and light trees, where professional photographers would be on standby to help you take a picture and no, you are not allowed to use your own camera; they were quite sticky about it. 

Oh well, the venue would have to earn somewhat right? I am not too sore about it although i think they could have been more polite. To be fair, i bet they would have encountered numerous cases of visitors not heeding their advice on a daily basis; i would have been as frustrated too.

Continuing our fun. Alex wasn't to keen to be photographed so i guess i have to make him my photographer instead. Not that i am happy as i am not as photogenic as him! 

Butt being burnt! I thought it would have been more appropriate to use a decepticon as Hong Kong was one of the battle scenes for the movie: Transformers: Age of Extinction

Not sure what actions to pose? 
Just refer to the posters usually pasted next to the scene.

While this scene may seem impossible, it's actually part of the cheung chau bun festival happening in the 4th lunar month! Known as the 'The Bun Scrambling Competition', participants are required to grab as many buns as possible from the tower of buns! 

Finally realising it could be quite fun, Alex finally modeled for this scene of walking across a bamboo pole that's placed across two tall buildings! 

More scenes await us.

Pictures galore; especially loving the one with pandas. I have always adored this lovable creature and regretted not accompanying my parents to Sichuan where i will have the chance to be much closer to pandas! 

Remember the scenes that only the in-house professional photographers can take for you? Each photo is chargeable at HKD $168 for a 6R / $188 for a 12R; that's like a minimum of over S$30 for just one 6R! 

These are the scenes; you decide if they are worth the price. 


128 Peak Rd, The Peak, 
Peak Tower, Level 1, Hong Kong


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