Monday, March 02, 2020

Snorkeling at Chicken Island (Koh Gai) - The Island with No Live Chicken @ Krabi [Thailand] #chickenisland #fourislandstour

I had seen this so many times while researching on the things to do in Krabi that it felt kind of surreal when i saw the 'real' chicken head right in front of me as the speedboat neared the area where we would have our first snorkeling for the trip! 

Known popularly as the chicken island (given the iconic structure that can be seen from far), it might be a surprise to you that there's no live and kicking chicken residing anywhere on the island. 

Time for the guide to distribute the snorkeling masks which are covered in our tour package pricing. For Alex and i, we prefer our own EasyBreath snorkeling mask from Decathlon! You should consider getting your own since it's more hygienic; furthermore, the price has dropped to only about S$30.00! 

Let's jump in and join the rest! 

The marvelous underwater world never ceases to blow my mind away and it's in the water where silence is the norm and your eyes open wide with anticipation. Thankfully, the area was teeming with fishes, although you cannot expect crystal clear visibility.

Spot the fishes! Compared to my first snorkeling experience (in Krabi in 2011) where armies of sergeant major fishes were everywhere, the variety was way wider this time.

One fish that i look forward to seeing; the parrot fish! Also known as the trigger fish, they were known to be territorial but don't you think they have such beautiful colours!?

Random photos! The third one appeared to the Neptune's Cup sponges which were said to be extinct but reappeared in Singapore and Thailand in recent years.

Was that a stingray?

Sea anemones! In addition to parrot fish, this would be another marine species i look forward to seeing! And there's one particular fish almost synonymous with sea anemones and i don't see them here with the two sea anemones i found. Clown fish; popularly known as Nemo due to the movie "Finding Nemo".

Luck as on my side as i did find them eventually and they were directly under the speedboat we were on. Problem was; they were deeper than the rest and the above was the best photo i could have taken.

Done with snorkeling and a customary shot with the chicken head! 


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