Sunday, February 09, 2020

Day 1 in Krabi!

Unlike Bangkok, there aren't that many flights to Krabi and my scheduled departure from the award winning Changi International Airport was in the mid afternoon; a timing considered as rare for my travels. 

Since it's about lunch time when i reached; i guess i might as well have lunch in the airport! There are a ton of options across the three connected terminals but i am a cheapo; preferring to dine at the staff canteen instead.

Orchis Food Court; the staff canteen at Terminal 1. Prices aren't cheap for people without the staff passes but still better than the other dining establishments. 

My nasi lemak and cheng tng; must fill up the tummy so that i wouldn't spend on the unnecessary when i am up in the air! In the past, there were a few notable food stalls in the staff canteen but my recent few visits were quite disappointing. Don't get me wrong; food was fine but just not impressionable.  

When one is in Terminal 1 of Changi International Airport, one must pay homage to the spectacular man-made waterfall of The Jewel. It's definitely a sight to behold.

Reason for taking this every time; so that i know what kind of plane i am taking. This would be Airbus A320 which is considered as one of the more popular airplanes used by many airlines.

Drizzling! It's always scary to take off / land when the weather isn't too good. For someone who drives, i know how dangerous it can be when the ground is wet.

Took off successfully; that's The Jewel beside the control tower. From this angle, it just looked like a humongous piece of metallic donut! 

Guess what island?! Hints: it belongs to Singapore and is the little red dot's second largest island (doesn't include the main island where almost everyone loves in).

Chek Jawa Coastal Boardwalk; viewing jetty of House Number 1Jejawi Tower; all the telltale signs that pointed towards Pulau Ubin, the last rustic island! 

Flying over Malaysia; this would be the area known as Pengerang which can be reached via ferry from Changi Ferry Terminal. I visited in 2011 although i heard it has changed a lot since then.

Meandering rivers, huge swathes of greenery from above the sky! 

Arrival at Krabi International Airport; many people though Krabi is an island as it's known to be a beach destination just like Phuket Island. That's not correct as geographically, it's on the same mainland as Bangkok and near to Peninsular Malaysia. 

Love the weather; not overly overcast sky! 

Airport bus on standby to bring us to the immigration. Whenever i see a bus, i actually take my time to disembark as it's essential to fill up the bus before it can leave anyway; so why rush?

I am the last person! 

Hot, hot and hot! There were some developments nearby; hopefully an expanded airport with better amenities! With tourism touted as one of the high-growth drivers in Southeast Asia, i did notice that many airports are undergoing renovations for that potential demand. 

In Krabi, it's cheaper to take the mini van shuttle just right outside the airport. If you have 3 or more persons, however, a cab might be better. Click here to check the price and how to buy the tickets for the mini van shuttle. 

Along the way; both Alex and I were excited as it has been a long 8 years since we last visited Krabi. Would there be any change and would we still enjoy the trip as much as we did back in 2011? 

The former Ao Nang Walking Street is now a food court.

Mini van shuttle brought us to the doorstep of our accommodation for the next three nights; BlueSotel Krabi AoNang Beach. Want to know how it was? Click here for my official review! 

Time to hit the streets! Okay, we were too lazy to walk to our dinner destination and opted to call for Grab instead. Not that cheap as it cost almost 200 baht for that less than 10 minutes' of ride. 

Presenting to you The Hilltop Aonang where you can catch the amazing sunset while having dinner. The place was nice and price wise; almost comparable to dining in Singapore's restaurants. For my review (and more photos), click here

Catching the last few rays of the setting sun. 

Instead of taking Grab, we decided to walk instead. Aside from aiding in digestion for the dinner we had in The Hilltop Aonang (where we over-ordered); another advantage would be cutting through the main stretch of the shopping street where we can check out the developments of the area! 

Kokotel Krabi - is that a slide?! 

With Starbucks, McDonalds along the street, Krabi is touristy alright but if you ask me, i think it has yet to reach the standard of Phuket and that's in terms of the number of tourists and prices. 

Having my first massage at Ruen Sukhothai Massage! Super good but do keep in mind that it really depends from masseur to masseur. I revisited two days later and the guy whom i was allocated was terrible! 

Cute kitty on the street! 

The necessary last stop on the first night of every overseas, free and easy trip; a visit to the convenience store! In Thailand, it's either 7-11 or Family Mart.

Stocking up on mineral water and snacks! In Thailand especially, there's one item you would see me buying; the yogurt drink which cost only about S$2.00 for a big bottle! That's insanely affordable when a small bottle in Singapore can cost as much as a dollar.

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