Monday, February 10, 2020

Betta - The Siamese Fighting Fish Store @ Krabi Walking Street (Night Market) in Thailand

I love exploring overseas night markets and when i chanced upon the above store at Krabi Town's night market; i didn't quite understand what it was all about. An art exhibition, a photo workshop or an aquarium?

Turned out it was all the above! Not so much about the workshop but i can see the operator seriously at work to capture the best shot for one of freshwater's most beautiful fish; the Siamese fighting fish (also known as betta to some). 

Photos taken were stunning; to the extent i thought they were paintings or fake! In some pictures, it appeared as if the fishes were dancing flamenco! 

There's even a best in show on display and as you can see, the price tag was 30,000 baht! That's like S$1,300 for a fish that's maybe the length of your pinky finger.

My bet is that its winning factor must be the similarity in colour to the flag of Thailand! While i was taking photographs, the owner walked over. For a moment, i thought i would be scolded for not requesting for permission! 

Thankfully, it was not to be. He actually came over to pass me a mirror as fighting fishes are extremely territorial (hence the name) and would express their beauty when they see another betta. By the way, you are aware that like peacocks, the glamorous looking fighting fishes are male whereas the female is plain looking? 

The store has other specimens that i believe you can purchase. Given that i am a foreigner, it might be hard for me to bring back a live fish to Singapore. Furthermore, i have tried to rear fishes without much success and they are supposed to be the hardier guppies! 

Last shot of the pretty Siamese fighting fish! 


Near the main stage of Krabi Walking Street (Night Market),
Krabi Town, Thailand  

Click here for the itinerary 

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