Monday, February 03, 2020

Playing with the Augmented Reality (AR) Fun Photos Using the Sky100 Observation Deck App @ Hong Kong #sky100AR

I am not really into technology stuff and while i have heard about augmented reality (AR); the first time i got to actually experience it was when i visited the sky100 observation deck in Hong Kong

Did you notice the coaster-like disc beneath the ticket in the first photo? I have no idea what it was for although i did obediently download the sky100 app as advised and proceeded to the AR Fun Photos option right after installation. 

Wow! From my phone,  the International Commerce Centre building (which houses the sky100 observation deck) sprouted from the disc and it looked as if i am holding it like a scale-down model. It felt weird yet magically interesting! 

Upon noticing the two larger discs on the observation deck level; we knew exactly what to do. Whipped out our phone and activate the AR Fun Photos again.

A human-sized image of the International Commerce Centre (ICC) building with a rainbow right above! I am rather noob on what else to do with it and a staff member kindly told us what do in order to make full of this the AR. 

Take photos with it of course! 

Last AR fun photo - parachuting with the Hong Kong skyline behind us! Not that real in the photo as Alex failed to grasp my instruction! I think it's real nice to have this AR option and the best thing; you don't have fork an extra cent, aside from the admission fee paid for the sky100 observation deck.



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