Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Barbecued Pork Ribs from Krabi Walking Street Night Market @ Thailand #krabiwalkingstreet #krabinightmarket

An advantage with night market is that you can easily find something to curb that hunger although in my case; it means i couldn't decide what to have with so much variety to choose from! 

When i was at Krabi night market back in November 2019, i was again faced with a dilemma on my dinner choice; until i caught a nice whiff of barbecued meat. I stopped walking and turned towards the source. 

Ohhhhhhh; barbecued pork ribs! Now, i am a meat person and prefer to have lesser carbohydrates in my diet, where possible. This would be perfect for dinner and i just love gnawing the bones with bits of charred ends! 

I was totally expecting one long strip of ribs so that i can slowly savour the moment of peeling the meat from the bone and eating it like a total barbarian! But chopped up it was; and i couldn't stop the lady in time.

There's bread?!?! Why why why??? Oh well, i never really reject free things and since the two pieces came with the ribs, i should welcome them with open arms; and then pass them over to Alex so that my carbohydrate intake wouldn't spike that night.

While tender; i thought the pork ribs could have been better marinated or smeared with more sauce as the taste was a bit too bland for my liking. Eat them while they are hard as the texture hardened up once the ribs cooled down!


Within Krabi Walking Street Night Market,
Krabi Town, Thailand

150 baht a plate

Click here for the 

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