Thursday, February 13, 2020

Pad Thai with Egg Wrap from Krabi Walking Street Night Market @ Thailand #krabiwalkingstreet #krabinightmarket

A plate of BBQ pork ribs was definitely insufficient to fill my tummy at Krabi Night Market and in my search for more food; i came upon a Pad Thai with Egg Wrap stall. You know what it reminded me of? The egg wrapped pad thai from Thipsamai which Alex loves

Knowing i have someone to share the carbs; i happily queued up and marvelled at the skill of the stall owner. Frankly, it didn't look that hard but we must bear in mind that her experience was honed over many years.

The stall was marketing the Pad Thai Spaghetti with Egg Wrap; however, i am not that adventurous and thought it's better to stick with the original rice noodle. Furthermore, Alex is even less open to fusion / innovative food and i don't see the need to increase the risk of him rejecting the food. 

Not perfectly wrapped but hey; i am not complaining when this larger serving cost only 50 baht. Contrast this with the one from Thipsamai  which now cost a hefty 120 baht! 

Each strand was generously coated with the sauce that's flavourful and sweet! There's a spiciness to it that was too overwhelming for my liking. Compared to Thipsamai, i admit it's definitely a few notches lower in terms of taste and the rice noodle also seemed thicker and tougher in texture. 

There's no seafood; in its place was small cubes of tofu and chicken meat. I personally think they should be removed from the pad thai as the chicken was bland and the tofu tasted a bit off (i actually spat it out). p.s. there's so much of the palatable sauce; you could just buy a bowl of plain rice to mix it! 


Within Krabi Walking Street Night Market,
Krabi Town, Thailand

50 baht a plate

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