Sunday, February 23, 2020

Phranang (Princess) Cave - The Penis Shrine @ Krabi [Thailand] #penistemple

As part of Krabi's signature four-island tour, we were brought to an area that's actually not an island even though its inaccessibility requires visitors to take a boat. Anyway, its most famous attraction is the above Phranang (Princess) Cave. 

Okay, maybe not the cave; it's obvious that the numerous phallic objects are the ones raising eyebrows! There were literally hundreds or even thousands of them; of all sizes!

You have the luxurious one that screamed of golden opulence. Another one that used to be a coral. A thick one that had to be held with strings of cloths to prevent it from breaking. One that grew out from a tree. And. the longest one in the whole area!

Not to sound rude but these pair looked like they need medication for a fungus invasion!

I am never going to look at matches the way i used to anymore. There's the show off too; embellished with the tiny mosaic tiles on its head and wrapped with an attractive piece of cloth.

Gosh, i don't even know how to describe this!

There were many, many more all over the place but i guess what i have published so far would give you a rough gauge on the number. The more intriguing question was where they came from?!

Right at the entrance of the cave was a temple honouring the princess who apparently lived in the cave and had the ability to fulfill one's wishes. While you can use common offerings like flowers and incense sticks; it's said that the goddesses always prefer this item called lingam.

According to, lingam is defined as "a symbol of divine generative energy, especially a phallus or phallic object as a symbol of Shiva". So literally, it's a penis.

As per the simple notice above, only phallic objects can be honoured; not those with balls. Hm.... for a man who treasures his manhood, the lack of scrotum means castration right?!

Some people apparently didn't read the 'memo' as i found a few with the balls still intact. Furthermore, the lingam must be carved from wood; so materials like soap wouldn't be acceptable.

Main shrine. It kind of reminded me of the german girl shrine in Pulau Ubin; without the lingam as conservative Singaporeans would be dead against the idea of having pornographic objects in full view of everyone.

Just a few steps way is another opening where more shrines (and more lingams) were found. However, they seemed to be more the house shrine structures found in almost all Thai dwellings and even in some Singapore houses (usually landed property).

Phranang Cave is called a cave for a reason and i am actually guessing if the entrance is from this hole behind the shrine since no one appeared to be exploring it. And i am scared to go in alone. With the objects blocking the pathway, i also wonder if they were meant to restrict access. Never harm to be more careful when we are overseas.


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