Saturday, December 28, 2019

Mini Van Shuttle from Krabi International Airport to Aonang (Including Krabi Town)

The misconception that people have when it comes to visiting Krabi is that most tourists would not likely be staying in Krabi Town; the seat of the provincial government. Instead, many would flock to the seaside and book an accommodation in the resort town of Aonang.

Question: how do we get to Aonang from Krabi Airport? Does it involve a taxi ride with hefty transfers or the local bus where we might have extreme difficulties in securing our large suitcases?

My answer to you is that you can consider the mini-van shuttle and you can find the stop right after you step out of the airport! Look out for the above sign and approach the nearby staff members to purchase your tickets! 

Rates as above and the service to Aonang (usually direct to your accommodation if it is along the main road) would cost us 150 baht a person. Should you prefer to take a taxi (slightly faster as it's direct and more available), the rate was said to be about 500-600 baht a taxi. It's more economical to hop onto a taxi if you have three or four persons in your group.

Bought the tickets! Remember, you get a discount if you decide to engage the mini van again for your return to the airport. You can scan the QR code as provided or submit your request here

Interior of the mini van; pretty comfortable with leather seats and it's like those typical 11-seater mini van that's rather spacious. Most importantly, the driver would know how to miraculously arrange the luggage so that they are all in! 

Start of our one-hour journey to Aonang! Thankfully, the van only stopped once in Krabi Town and our eventual travelling time right to the doorstep of Bluesotel Krabi was maybe about 50 minutes.

So what happened if you need the mini-van to send you back to the airport but you forgot the website or didn't keep a copy of the slip with the QR code? Fret not, just go look for the numerous tourist counters in Aonang and purchase the ticket (150 baht per person) from there directly.


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