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Hua Mum Night Market - Big & Filled with Locals @ Bangkok [Thailand] #huamummarket #nightmarketbangkok

I remember my attempt to visit Hua Mum night market a few years ago but due to my lack of understanding of Thai pronunciation, no one knows which market i was referring to until the kind folks from Galaxy Tailor helped me out last November! 

A Grab ride later and we finally arrived at Hua Mum night market! 
The correct pronunciation is actually 'Hwee-Mak'.

The place was bigger than expected and the one thing that stood out was that the make-shift stalls in the compound were not sheltered! What would happen if the rain hits?! I wouldn't want to know.

Photo taking with some of the life-sized / larger than life characters! 

As seen from the first photo, there were also the more "permanent" and sheltered shops dotted around the market. I was a bit unsure on where to start and thought it's easier to end with the open-air stalls. 

Please be prepared to scroll through the 100 over photos! By the way, you can find really short chinos in Hua Mum; for a person with short legs like I, it's a blessing! 

Surrounding the lake were the many food and beverage outlets; we didn't get any chance to fill our tummies as they were already jammed packed with the meals we had at Pier 21 food court and desserts at Buttercup Cafe

Like Neon Market, you can find fried insects in Hua Mum too! 

I was more interested in the seafood in the bag as the pricing was way cheaper than what we paid in Singapore. The XL version was only 489 baht (about S$25). 

Singaporeans are always curious whenever they see a crowd and i was drawn to this unusual sight of people waiting on stools. What's the fuss about?

Toasted buns over charcoal woah! Menu was in Thai although i figured there were peanut butter, pandan and strawberry spread. And is that the expensive golden churn butter? Each cost 20 baht.

Happy with what you see so far? Please be assured that there would be a lot more. Faced with so many photos to upload; unless the items were unique / interesting, i would just collate and put most under random. 

For example, unicorn dress (okay, i admit this is relatively common) and sakura potpourri (are they still popular as i thought people are really into scented candles / aromatherapy). 

An ultra adorable kid - guess she could really model kids-wear as her expression was so cute despite the fact that i am just shooting her with no warning! 

Prices of pedicure / manicure / gel polish for the ladies' reference since i know many Singaporeans would travel to Johor Bahru specifically for the aforementioned services. Thought the price of 500 baht for pedicure (for example) isn't cheap but i guess we would need inputs from the ladies to confirm.

Masquerade as medieval knights for themed parties! You can also be Thor if the Mjölnir is what you prefer. Eh, how come there's no Stormbreaker? 

Rawhide for sale! I used to buy plenty of these when Rubee was alive. In case you don't know what rawhide is, they are made from animal hides and well-liked as chew toys for canines. Do keep in mind that some dogs might get an upset tummy with rawhide and there are also documented incidents of chocking.  

Random photos again! 

Food again and once again, i am tempted to try the Thai-style pancake that's similar to our local roti prata! Strange that the so-called pancake in Phuket differs so much from the capital city. 

Old school capsule toy vending machines and dial phones! I recall watching a video where two Caucasian teens were asked to make a call and it's hilarious as they really didn't know what to do! 

One of the must-buy items on my shopping list was boxers and i had the insane intention to purchase a dozen to replace my worn and torn ones at home. However, 60 baht was quite expensive as i remember the ones i got from Chatuchak Weekend Market was about 40 baht.

Cheaper but for obvious reason, i am so not going to consider buying this pair of boxer! It's going to feel so weird! 

Another place that attracted a crowd; the restaurant with muscular men wearing lingerie and screaming in high pitched voice! Click here for more photos.


The open air stalls; see, really no way of putting up shelter should the weather take a turn for the worse! The good thing is that the entire place look extremely spacious without the gazebos / tents.

Paper mache artifacts! I would have gotten the pink pig if it's moulded as a piggy bank! On second thought; maybe not as i would likely have to hand-carry the bulky item! 

I always appreciate when stall owners happily posed for my camera! His shop would be paradise for Jovyn as she is now of the age where soft toys are able to create loads of fun. 

Why is there a need for such thick clothing in Bangkok?! In fact, there's about a week or two every year when temperature at Bangkok would plunge to about 15°C. Whatever the case, Thais do travel out like we do too! 

This Groot figurine so cute! 

Pets found in Hua Mum Night Market; all three appeared to belong to the respective stall owners and i especially love the feline in the last photo! 

Most of the photographs were taken in chronological order but i guess it would be hard to pinpoint the actual location as makeshift stalls might change hands / location. 

You know what's my thought when i saw the above? I was wondering what's so amazing about these highlighters that a stall can make money by concentrating on just this one product! 

That's why assumption should always be substantiated by taking a closer look; turned out they contained perfume and some of them were from famous brands! Real? That, i didn't verify. 

Another set of random pictures! 

I took a break from the makeshift stalls section as i needed the washroom at another section that's also less crowded as it was slightly away from the main areas!  

Some of the pictures i took along the stretch; couldn't stay more as my travel mates were waiting for me back at the main area. To be honest, they were not really into window shopping.

Live band!

Lake and the restaurant area again. If i am going to Hua Mum Night Market the next time i am in Bangkok, i would make sure to come earlier so that i can have my dinner first! 

Gigantic soft toys! Hm...... how to keep them if the sky starts pouring? Weather in Bangkok can be unpredictable, just like in Singapore; sunny one minute and storm the next minute.

Donation; a way to determine if a night market is patronized mainly by locals or foreigners is through the notices. Should there be more foreigners, you would definitely see more notices in English.

More photos! 

Yes, you can find puppies for sale too! Barely a few weeks old, i hesitated to step closer to take photographs as back in Chatuchak Weekend Market, the store operators would not allow you to do so.

My gosh, the collars were so pretty! In addition to tuxedo, you can find one that has the iconic doraemon pocket! Pity i don't keep any dog / cat.

Last batch of randoms! Think there were too many photos? Wait till you see my post on Chatuchak Weekend Market; due to the sheer number of stalls, i have over 200 photos reserved for the upload of the post. 

The large variety of piggy banks can only mean one thing; it captivated me and i was in fix on which to buy to add to my collection at home! To know which one, check out my post here.  

- End -


678 Prasert-Manukitch Rd, Khwaeng Lat Phrao, 
Khet Lat Phrao, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10230, 
Bangkok, Thailand

As above.

Operating Hours
Daily from 5am till midnight

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