Monday, July 09, 2018

Galaxy Tailor - Tailor-Made Shirts in Bangkok that Wouldn't Burn a Hole in Your Wallet! #galaxytailor #bespoketailor

Rajawongse Clothier in Bangkok had been the one and only bespoke tailor I would strongly recommend in the past but maybe due to fame, the price for its tailor-made shirts had seen significant increases over the year; to the point that I feel that the G2000 shirt offerings are better worth my hard earned money.

Thankfully, I happened to chance upon a blog post by while researching for my Bangkok trip a few months ago and judging from the promotion of 5,000 baht for three shirts, two pairs of pants, and one silk tie; I knew it's a must to check out Galaxy Tailor!

Time to choose the fabrics for which there was a pretty good range from the thick booklets! I totally went bonkers looking at the patterns as I would like to be adventurous yet always fall back on dark colors.

Worse for the pants as nothing beats black as the easiest to match any shirt color and pattern! Okay, I admit I am boring although I prefer to use 'practical' for my decision.

Measurement taking for which much attention was given by David or Wijay, owners and co-partners of Galaxy Tailor. It's actually fun talking to the both of them but note that they prefer tight-fitting shirts whereas I don't like my attire to be too tight.

The main reason why I like custom made shirts; you get to decide whether you want centered box pleat at the back of your shirt, a pocket, buttoned collars, covered front panel etc.

Most important thing after you have done your measurement and paid a deposit; arrange a date/time (usually a day or two) for a fitting to determine whether you require further change like a loosening around the chest/waist area etc.

Galaxy Tailor can send your purchased and tailored products to your hotel but i always feel that it's better for a final fit even though limited time in Bangkok can make it a real challenge!

Nevertheless, i am quite happy with my pants, shirts and tie! The only issue was that one of the shirts was a bit too tight at the chest. However, i managed to get in contact with David on facebook and he told me to bring it back to him for amendment, which i presume is at no extra cost!

Would definitely be back! p.s. you can actually buy online via their website here but i am old school as i always prefer to feel the material of the fabric, see the color/pattern before i can decide. 


New Location
5/13 Phetchaburi Road, soi 47 (Soi Soonvijai),
Bangkapi, Huaykwang Bangkok, Thailand


As above (next to Holiday Inn Express Bangkok Soi Soonvijai / across from Amari Residences Bangkok). The current store isn't as convenient as the last one near Asoke MRT station but grab is so convenient nowadays. Furthermore, you can also check out the nearby NANTA performance if you happen to be in that area! It was enjoyable and you can buy the tickets online at Klook; the rate was one of the cheapest! 


Package A - 3 custom shirts, 2 custom pants and 1 silk tie
(at 4999 baht)
Package B - 5 custom shirts, 3 custom pants and 1 silk tie
(at 7999 baht)

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