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Elemen (元素) Vegetarian 5-Course Set; Healthy, Nutritional & Healthy @ Harbourfront Centre [Singapore] #elemensg #meatless #vegetarianfood#harbourfrontcentre

Although i do occasionally go for vegetarian food, I am inherently a meat person and would not actively seek out meatless cuisine. Therefore, i would not have checked out the elemen restaurant if not for a treat from a fellow colleague! 

She raved about the set meals which allow diners the flexibility to choose from a variety of visually appetizing yet healthy options for salads, soups, mains, desserts and beverages; e.g. blue flower tofu with black truffle wild rice.

The branch at Harboufront Centre (next to Vivo City) was relatively empty on the weekday of our visit but the place quickly filled up with the lunch crowd. Warning; I understand that there's usually a queue on the 1st and 15th day of the lunar month.

Overlooking the Singapore Cable Car

Time to order from the extensive menu! You can opt to order ala-carte but in our case, we preferred to go with the set for the variety. Differences between the eight and five-course were the inclusion of both soups and salads (instead of choosing between the two), bread and apple cider. In my opinion, the five-course set would be more than sufficient for most people. 

It may be quite common to have restaurants serving plain water; however, elemen upped the game by offering rosemary infused water at no extra charge! p.s. some people might not be agreeable with the taste though. 

Starter - the only item on the set that you don't have an option to choose.  

It included the preserved guava which was a bit too salty and soft for my liking (i prefer the version here). I enjoyed the sweet potato tofu which was nice with sesame dressing and the zesty winter melon with orange!

Salad - i opted for salad over soup and it's quinoa salad for me! While i liked it for its fresh sweetness, i wouldn't have mind more vegetables to make full use of the dressing. 

Main - charcoal noodle with butter cream sauce; tagged as new on the menu, i was my unusual self as i decided to give it a try! Well, i have always like dishes with charcoal; so i guess it's not considered a surprise.

It's delicious! Notably, it's not heavy despite the juicy sauce (that had a tinge of spiciness) and it's an utter delight slurping the black-coloured noodles. Be-warned; don't be shocked with the colour of your number 2 the next day.

Beverage - iced lychee green tea! Health conscious individuals would like this drink for not being overly sweet had a somewhat subtle bitter aftertaste. I am not health conscious. 

Dessert - double boiled lemongrass with peach gum; cold option for beverage and i think it's good to complement with something hot for dessert.

It didn't disappoint for, again, not being too sweet with the broth and there was a ton of nutritional ingredients like white fungus (not my favourite by the way). 

Friends were 100% satisfied with their chocolate mousse dome dessert though. The next time i come, i am going to bring my mom as i honestly think the older folks would definitely appreciate the healthy yet tasty meatless food concept at elemen



1 Maritime Square #02-85, 
Harbourfront Centre, Singapore 099253

(connected to harbourfront MRT station)


Menu (for sets)

As above.

5-Course Set - S$26.80
(Subject to GST and Service Charge)

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