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Neon Market - The Night Bazaar in the Pratunam District (next to The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam) @ Bangkok [Thailand] #neonmarket #bangkok

It's always a joy visiting night markets in Bangkok and i was ecstatic to be staying at The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam in April this year as it was literally next to Talad Neon; a night market that opened end of 2016!

Aside from the convenience for the guests of Berkeley Hotel Pratunam; the location of Neon Market also made it extremely accessible for those shopping / staying in other hotels within the Pratunam area.

I paid Talad Neon a visit every single night when i was in Bangkok (back then in April) and while the scale didn't appear as big as the Ratchada Train Market near Thailand Cultural Center MRT station; there were still tonnes of stores for us to us to have a therapeutic shopping experience!

With over a hundred pictures scheduled for this post, i am honestly in a fix on how to structure them! Maybe before going to the merchandise available for sale at the retail stalls, let's start with the numerous structures at the market that might be a hit on your Instagram.

As above; the most popular had to be the fake trees with lighted up flowers.

I think the rhinoceros was the mascot for the Neon Market and got my answer here; its name is Nong Neon and rhino was chosen for its "cuteness, distinction, and confidence for new generations"!

From the same website, i also got the information that there are over 900 shops spread out over containers, food trucks and canvas tents.

Like any night markets in Bangkok, there's always a food section and that's probably one of my regrets in my April visit as i didn't have my meals at Talad Neon, except for the deep fried grasshoppers snack!

Interesting jelly bloody shots; frankly, if i am with Jovyn and Jerald, i would likely buy one for the sake of pranking both of them! That would have been fun!

Bars in container trucks; given my renewed affection for alcohol, it's a definite that i would check them out! Overall atmosphere was chilled and relaxed although he lack of shelter is a disadvantage when the sky starts pouring; which happened on two days.

A standalone container store that's worth a mention.

Reason being it housed a small animal cafe and from what i see from the outside, there were parakeets, lories hedgehogs, cats etc.

Didn't pay to step in although for that same trip, i had an enjoyable time at two cat cafes; Caturday Cat Cafe and Kitty Cat Cafe! Click the links for more photos!

Getting ready to be bombarded with over 100 photographs of Neon Market? The above photograph would give you a better visualization on the close proximity of The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam (the building with the golden domes)!

The usual you can find in a typical night market at Bangkok and there are more below. Bargaining is a must, and also part and parcel of the shopping therapy that Singaporeans love!

Breather - a Siamese-cat lookalike!

Stores without a tent - heavily dependent on good weather for sales, i had a great time looking through their merchandise; from toys, luggage to customized tee-shirts, keychains, handmade wire art and a darn handy rubber band.

Hair salon marketing retro hair cut; i initially thought Alex would give it a try since he loves to have cut his hair whenever he is overseas (example: Bali) but i think the pricing of 300 baht was too exorbitant for him.

Eh... body soaps that were shaped, differently.

Street magician - with a Neon Market pass on the pocket of his jeans, i am guessing he was employed by the operator. Didn't stay for his tricks though.

There are a few Thai-made products i would normally haul back home from Bangkok; the peppermint inhaler, heat pads for muscle ache and pain etc. This time, my mom asked me to get this special red mopiko that i couldn't find at all; turned out the country of origin is in Japan!

Prices as indicated for your reference.

Shopping excessively can result in insufficient space in your luggage and if you are in need of extra storage, get the foldable bags above! Thought 300 baht for one is expensive since i can get it for less than S$10 on

Want to get this backpack for Jovyn but couldn't find a suitable design. :(

More of what to expect from Talad Neon; I used talad and market interchangeably as both have the same meaning. There were so many designs for tee-shirts and i am so glad to have stopped myself from buying as i have limited wardrobe space at home.

Another barbershop!

Caricatures - instead of souvenirs, i thought a drawing of my caricature in an overseas country would be nicer (and funnier) on my plain, white walls. Hm... shall have one drawn in my next Bangkok trip.

Another customized keychain but this drew my attention as what i saw were just pouches and i think consumers are smart enough to know the differences.

Quite innovative to have a protective cover, especially when the edges of the keys can sometimes damage the bags. Pity the designs catered mainly for the fairer sex.

Boxers at just 60 baht each! At Chatuchak weekend market, they retailed cheaper at only 50 baht and i regret not buying more as they were actually very comfortable!

The problem with kids is that their interests change every so often; one moment, it's little pony and the next time, it is shimmer and shine. I don't even know what Jovyn likes nowadays and i am glad i didn't get the little pony toy, customised with her name.

These would look like as pencil cases; issue is whether people use pens and pencils nowadays! Even for me, i ditch the pens for note taking as i can use the notepad on my phone instead.

Second last tranche of photos - yes, more to come below! 

Has anything caught your fancy? Some did for me although my intention was more to buy for others rather than for myself. That's the reason why my luggage was almost always filled to the max even though my mom's 'orders' usually constitute a substantial percentage.


1087/167 Phetchaburi Rd, Khwaeng Makkasan,
Khet Ratchathewi, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10400,
Thailand (Near The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam)


As above.

Operating Hours
4.00 pm to midnight (daily)
Recommended to visit from 6.00 pm

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