Monday, December 03, 2018

Restaurant Featuring Muscular Men Dancing in Lingerie @ Hua Mum Night Market in Bangkok [Thailand]

Some of you might have recalled watching the above video that went viral on facebook a few months ago and wondered, as i did, if it is a one-off marketing gimmick to draw crowds. 

I can confidently tell you it's not as i chanced upon the same restaurant in my recent visit to Bangkok and while i didn't draw the connection when i saw the big crowd surrounding the building; a closer look revealed the answers.

Skimpily dressed muscular men standing on the second floor, shrieking like little gals; it's a sight guaranteed to attract your attention, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, a child or an adult.

Many obviously whipped out their cameras to capture the moments as it's so uncommon, even in a sin society like Bangkok! Many, guys especially, will express their disgust but put it this way; they are just earning a living and everyone has a story. It's not in our position to judge; just treat it as something unusual in our otherwise boring life.

Actually, this reminded me of the traditional Chinese custom of 抛绣球 (throwing the embroidered ball); used to express the love from a woman to a man. The only thing lacking is an embroidered ball for the muscular men. 


So where is the restaurant location? It's at Hua Mum Night Market and as expected, i would be coming out with a full post of the night market in due course. Problem, as always, is when. 

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