Saturday, April 20, 2019

Day One of The 8 Days' Guizhou Tour Package by Chan Brothers

This would be kept short and sweet as i didn't take many photographs from my mobile phone and the day was mainly spent on cruising in the sky and at Guangzhou airport.

Anyway, the airline we took for this trip to Guizhou was China Southern Airlines and while i don't really have much complaints; there were just two which i thought it's good to highlight for future references. One, there were only two toilets serving about 150 passengers and two, no personal entertainment tv.

Other than the above, the plane was arrived on time (11.45 am) at Guangzhou airport where we had to endure a transit of about four hours! That's why i always prefer direct flights; less tiring and more efficient use of time.

Went to the rooftop garden where dad got a feel of the temperature and it was colder than he expected! He was hoping that the weather at Guizhou would be warmer. Fingers crossed for him as i brought quite a number of thick clothing, just in case.

The sole from one of my dad's shoes dislodged and knowing the elderly has a heightened risk of falling; i decided to exchange my pair with his. About an hour later, the other sole dropped off too! No, not a good sign when it's just day one of our trip.

If Alex were to join us, i bet that we would have McDonald's. Strangely, the items for sale on the menu comprised mainly of chicken and didn't have the signature cheeseburger / big Mac that we are used to seeing in Singapore.

We opted for the Hongkong style bubble egg waffle from Mai Chi Lin (香港米芝莲) instead as we were still full from the breakfast meal taken in the plane from Singapore to Guangzhou.

Planes from China Southern Airlines.

Selfie with dad in the plane for the short leg from Guangzhou to Guiyang. Expected time taken would be about an hour and 45 minutes over a distance of about 900 kilometers.

Photo of my dad at Guiyang Airport - sadly for him, the temperature was even colder and stubborn him insisted on wearing his lousy jacket! Well, i know from personal experience that the cold is harder to endure than the heat and i guess he would take my winter jacket soon.

No other photo as all the pictures taken of the dinner and the New World Guiyang Hotel were on my missing DSLR. Nevertheless, here's a timelapse of the plane departing from Changi airport and the subsequent landing at Guiyang airport. 

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