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Crab Feast @ Chin Huat Live Seafood (镇发活海鲜 at Sunset Way) for ieatishootipost AGM (Annual General Makan)

Even though i have a blog for which i regularly update, you don't see me attending and blogging any blog-related activities. My real persona is skewed towards the shy side and mingling in a big group is frankly not my cup of tea.

Therefore, i wasn't very keen when a friend suggested a crab feast organised by Singapore's most famous food blogger; Dr Leslie Tay of


The location of this cholesterol rich meal is well known; Chin Huat Live Seafood (镇发活海鲜) at Sunset Way and at S$60 per pax, i would consider the price a steal for an eight-course dinner consisting of five crabs and one lobster!

Without further ado (i was persuaded eventually), let's begin with the banquet!

Teochew Sri Lanka Cold Crab
For Sri Lanka crabs, they were a bit too tiny. With the exception of cold lobster salad, i would greatly prefer crabs that are steaming hot instead of icy cold.

As expected, photo-taking is an enforced pre-requisite in such events before anyone can even touch the food!

Alaskan King Crab Steamed with Wine
At S$138 per kilogram, this Alaskan king crab (weighing 2.5 kilograms) is definitely the highlight of the dinner.

Its meat was splendidly sweet and dripping with tender goodness although the chef could be more generous with the wine to enhance the overall oomph factor.

Stir Fried Boston Lobster in Superior Broth
Clarification required: where was the broth? i could vaguely make out some kind of thick sauce but it's far from the terminology of broth.

Meat wise, it was fleshy yet way too chewy for my molars. I would gladly exchange this for the delicious deep fried lobsters at pengerang!

Dr Leslie Tay came by the table and dispensed some basic information on Boston lobster. To be frank, i am never concerned with the species so long the chef can still whip up a good dish to satisfy my passive taste buds.

Chilled Vegetables in Wasabi Sauce
There is nothing fascinating about a few stalks of cold kailan, a glass of soy sauce and a small serving of wasabi paste!

For a moment, diners on my table (including myself) were unsure on how to proceed further. I would gladly accept stir fried kailan with garlic.

Golden Sauce Sri Lanka Mud Crabs
The enticing smell of salted egg yolk was so distinctive that i suspected a change of menu has been effected in place of the original golden sauce.

I was wrong; it's more accurate to classify this as a fusion of salted egg yolk and butter crab than to strictly categorised it as either one. This version is, however, the best of both worlds for me!

Buns are deemed a necessity to truly enjoy the sinfully yummy sauce.

Not much meat was dug out although this apparent disadvantage was compensated by the crunchy, buttery shell that proved to be damn addictive!

Black Pepper Dungeness Crab
Ewwwwww.... this dry, lack-of gravy display brought me back to the first time i had black pepper crab. It was too peppery for me and since then, i denied myself from having black pepper crab until i tried the gravy type at Eng Seng.

Once again, i am not impressed with the dry version. Some diners (for example those who prefer peppery bak ku teh) might sing praise about this dish given the deep set infusion of spiciness within the crab meat.

Crab Meat Ee-Fu Noodles
A regular feature in wedding banquets, this dish at Chin Huat had a visual twist; a layer of crab meat broth covering the noodles!

In this month alone, i have gone through ee-fu noodles at three different locations. And none of them is even comparable to this one.


Blk 105 Clementi St 12,
#01-30 (Sunset Way)

Call 6775-7348

Additional Information
Whenever i watch Channel 8 on television, i would at times be bombarded with attention seeking advertisements claiming that Chin Huat Live Seafood has a wide variety of seafood; notably the lobsters that are taller than a three year old girl.

I am not sure about the lobster but one thing is for sure; the grouper is definitely bigger than this boy in the picture.

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