Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hotpot Culture Chinese Cuisine [Beef Hotpot Set] @ Marina Square, Singapore

I may have eaten my way through many food establishments in Singapore but when faced with a question on where to dine, i am always stuck in limbo.

Dilemma #1:
Have something new or revisit a restaurant?

Dilemma #2:
My budget?

Dilemma #3:
What do my friends want?

Dilemma #4:
Can i take pictures for my blog?

Dilemma #5:
What's my craving of the day?

Dilemma #6:
The weather of the day?

The same questions ran through my mind when i was at Marina Square with Stella and Alex and it's not an easy task to make a quick decision when the shopping centre is filled to the brim with restaurants.

Eventually, we put our money on Hotpot Culture.

For me, the reasons are simple; it cost less than S$10 for a mini steamboat set, the wet and cold weather deemed it appropriate to have a hotpot meal, and it was my first visit!

Herbal soup base was chosen over the others (chicken, hot and spicy, fish, kim chi and mala) because of the presumably healthier tag.

Strangely, the beef set included a plate of Western-style fresh lettuce salad - for an eatery that displayed its Chinese Cuisine marker prominently, it did feel out-of-place. This statement comes from a guy who eats chocolate with porridge.

Although I was disappointed with the tiny portion of ingredients, i convinced myself that lesser food intake is equivalent to lesser weight gain!

The herbal broth was initially very bland and it took a while of boiling with a pot full of raw ingredients before the flavour (thankfully) set in.

Coupled with a garlic based chilli dip, each slice of beef (done shabu shabu way) tasted extremely appetising. Having said that, i still prefer my perfect dip made up of peanut sauce, sugar and dices of spring onions!

Ice cream was also served as part of the deal.


Would i be back? Let's put it this way; Liang Seah street is located nearby and with just S$10 extra, i could pamper myself with steamboat served buffet style.

6, Raffles Boulevard,
#02-138D, Marina Square

Beef Hotpot Set - S$8.80
Subject to GST and Service Charge.

Additional Information
Complimentary plain water is commonly dispensed by some restaurants but in the case of hotpot culture, it's free flow of homemade barley water!

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