Thursday, December 22, 2011

Going for the Blood [Prime Ribeye @ Astons Specialities (Sembawang Shopping Centre)]

My day is bad; not entirely but the sucky parts do have a great impact on my usually cheerful persona.

Put it this way - It's so terrible that the thought of killing someone is highly probable. Okay, i am kidding lest the non-uniformed personnel from criminal investigation department (CID) come knocking on my door first thing tomorrow morning.

There's a confirmed pattern here - whenever i am in a super lousy mood, i will think of Astons Specialities. Nothing's better than devouring a piece of somewhat bloody steak to stop that bloodthirsty killer hidden within me.

Likely, it would be a slab of prime ribeye (medium doneness) coupled with the complimentary sides which were coleslaw and garden veggie in today's case study.

Just the look is sufficient to soothe and calm my nerves in preparation for the next step in total disarmament; the important makan time!!!

The gentle trickle of moist blood tasted so delectable, so satisfying as i slowly chewed through each carefully cut portion. The happy moment was at most fleeting though. Guess i need to downgrade upgrade to medium rare next time.

In case some of you thought i only enjoy meat, i totally love the garden veggie at Aston's Specialities. Especially the lightly seasoned broccoli.


604, Sembawang Road,
#03-14, Sembawang Shopping Centre

Prime Ribeye - S$15.90
Subject to only GST.

Additional Information
As with anything in Singapore, inflation is an ongoing phenomenon. The prime ribeye used to cost around S$13.50 but it has since increased its value (towards the monetary way that is).

However, in celebration of the festive season, Astons is offering a soup of the day plus a bottle of snapple for an additional S$5 upgrade to your main meal.

Which means, you pay more.

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