Monday, January 10, 2011

Pepper Crabs Once Again @ Eng Seng Restaurant (永成餐室)

Pepper Crabs Once Again
@ Eng Seng Restaurant

Mom finally had her chance to have a taste of these delicious black peppers crabs i blogged back HERE. In order to have more dishes, i roped in both my sisters and Alex to share the cost! *high credit card bill again*

Besides the famous black pepper crabs (which did not disappoint), i took the opportunity of share costing to order a few other dishes i did not manage to order the last round!

Salted Vegetables Tofu Soup
Thinking it will be just salted vegetables and tofu, i was surprised to find that it's a hotpot of ingredients that included slices of fish, squid, prawns and tomatoes! 

An amalgamation of flavours that proved to be just right without being overly skewed towards saltiness. Quenching indeed!

Stir Fried Kailan
When i first had this less than a month ago, the gang of four was really impressed of how different the kailan was compared to many others in the market.

However, it was plain normal this time.

Fried Rice
The last time i had this, it was disappointing.

This time we had it, it was much much much better with its heavy use of eggs that made all the difference! Gosh, even the color looked different!

Yu Tiao with Sotong
It's the norm to have a plate of pepper crabs on every table. It's also 'almost' the norm to see a plate of deep fried crunchy yu tiao (crullers) stuffed with squid paste on each table!

A normal dish that would not have stand out if not for the thick white layer of sweet-salty mayonnaise sauce!!!

Coupled that with a generous amount of sotong paste and you have a winner! Like the pepper crabs, this is a must have dish every time you are in Eng Seng. 


Additional Information
Reservations are allowed for dine-in or take-away. Please call 6440-5560 to make your booking.

Want to beat the crowd? Come at 5pm! Diners start to stream in after 5.30pm! We were brought immediately to a table even though we did not mention that a reservation had already been made!

For the address and more information of my first post just a month ago, please click

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