Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Suckao Hot Chocolate & Banana Split Waffles @ Max Brenner Chocolate Bar (Esplanade Mall)

Three weeks ago, a blog link i posted on facebook sparked off a rare meet-up with Stella at the King of Durians; Esplanade. To be specific - Esplanade Mall.

Our aim? Another chocolate indulgence session at Max Brenner Chocolate Bar! For Alex, who loves hot chocolate, this would also be his virgin visit.

Suckao Hot Chocolate
This is the real suckao and there's a reason for such an unsophisticated tagline! 

Gosh, no wonder i was kind of baffled in my last visit as there wasn't any obvious difference from the choco-pops hot chocolate i had. Except for the choco-pops.

Visually, it is in fact a set with three unique components - a burner that has a tiny pot, a saucer full of solid chocolate drops and a cup of warm milk that is refillable. You make the decision on the richness and milkiness of your very own hot chocolate.

The metal spoon for mixing the concoction serves as a straw too; hence the name Suckao. Personally, i thought too much work and time are involved and would much prefer a mug of ready-to-drink hot chocolate.

Banana Split Waffles
Vanessa is going to kill me. She was extremely keen to have this at Max Brenner's Vivocity branch but none of us was interested to order a dessert that is so exorbitantly priced.

Its presentation is already to-die-for and for a few seconds, i could not bear to devour the beautiful display consisting of waffles, banana, rice krispies, candied pecans and vanilla ice cream. Luxurious!

Oh, and a serving of choco-pops that was initially overlooked!

Unfortunately, i wasn't sold on its taste; the crunchy waffles were pretty hard, the banana was not fantastic enough and i basically hated the candied pecans. Maybe i am the type who enjoys plain waffle with cheap ice cream and maple syrup.


8 Raffles Avenue,
#01-06/08, Esplanade Mall

Suckao Hot Chocolate - S$7.90
Banana Split Waffles - S$18.90
Subject to GST and Service Charge (i think).

Additional Information
For my first post on Max Brenner, please click HERE

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