Friday, December 30, 2011

Ruam Jai Thai Food @ MS136 Food House (Marsiling Road)

If not for the Great Kon, i doubt i would ever venture into this neighbourhood in Marsiling. There are way too many such neighbourhoods in Singapore and just in Yishun (where i live); i can count no less than four.

The above is the purpose of our visit - food; in particular affordable yet authentic Thai food that left a memorable impression on the Kon. In his opinion, the Thai fried glass noodles at ABC market is still a notch below the one served by Ruam Jai Thai Food!

We are seldom satisfied with just one type of food in a coffee shop or hawker centre and it is almost customary that extra dishes be ordered either from a stall that has a longer than average queue or dishes that appear on most tables.

Thai Fish Cake
Question: disregarding the appearance, what's the difference between the common fish cake and a Thai fish cake?

Answer: as far as taste is concerned, Thai fish cake is like a blend between a spicy Otah and a common fish cake. I have to say i like this more than the common fish cake and would have gladly popped a few more!

Phad Thai
This Thai style fried noodles is a must-order in any Thai eatery as this national dish is synonymous with Thailand.

Sadly, the noodles were too soggy for my liking and it didn't help that the taste was too watered down despite the generous servings of eggs and prawns.

Tom Yam Seafood Soup
Ask any Tom Yam guru and they will tell you that a delicious bowl of tom yam must have a balance of spiciness and sourness with a numbing effect at the end.

This bowl failed the balance check but i enjoyed it because the savoury broth was rich in ocean's flavour and the intense spiciness had a rather shiok after effect.

Fried Tang Hoon
I love it when chefs are not stingy with their ingredients! Having said that, the glass noodles tasted relatively light and was in fact, a disappointment.

Kon did comment that the taste was not in its usual robustness - likely one of those rare occasions when consistency fails.

Pineapple Fried Rice
Fried rice in a pineapple husk would have made this pleasing to the eyes but my eyes were hooked on the layer of golden pork floss.

Each spoonful into my mouth was simply a trip to heaven and i could not imagine that it has been so long since i last had such delicious pineapple rice!


136, Marsiling Road
#01-2188, MS136 Food House

Thai Fish Cake - S$2 for 5 pieces
Phad Thai - S$3.50
Tom Yam Seafood Soup - S$4.00
Fried Tang Hoon - S$3.50
Pineapple Fried Rice - S$3.50


  1. Anonymous6:59 PM

    They seemed to have changed location. Do you know where did they move to?

    1. I don't think so. I can check with my friend who goes to that area often. Shall update here if he knows. :)


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