Friday, December 23, 2011

Chek Jawa Coastal Boardwalk [Semi-High Tide] & Mangrove Boardwalk @ Pulau Ubin, Singapore

It has been more than six weeks but i could not find time to revisit Chek Jawa for more photographs on its fascinating beauty during low tide.

Therefore, here's what i have today; pictures taken during a semi high tide which, according to the excel file located HERE put the tide at approximately 1.8 meters.

We decided to start from the point indicated as "you are here" on this map.

Strewn with dry, brown leaves, we were left hanging for a few seconds if we have indeed taken the right path after the short visit to House Number 1.

From my back, i can clearly see the viewing jetty situated behind House Number 1. If the need arises (for example, a tiger jumps out), i know i can always swim my way there.

You know you are safe (at least marginally) when you walked out to this.

Frankly, i was half expecting a wooden platform that would totally destroy the original beauty of Chek Jawa. I am proven wrong and i agree that without this elevation, many ignorant people would gladly step onto the exposed seabed and mishandle any living organism they found on it.

The surrounding is a sight to behold although to my left was a coastal forest that didn't appear to be any different from local forests except for the large layers of rock formation.

To my right, it was a picture of calm and serenity. The three of us spent a few minutes just looking far into the horizon and clearing our thoughts to truly experience the moment.

It's nice to see practical features on the boardwalk; one of which is the installation of metal bars to enable a more comprehensive look on what you can find beneath the boardwalk.

Another feature would be the National Parks much loved information panels. In this case, it looked worn out possibly due to long term, direct contact with sunlight even though we could still make out the words and faded pictures.

This might be a good place to clear your mind should you have any troubling matter. Gosh, my perspective on life recently seems to concentrate mainly on relaxation and stress relieving activities! And that's NO GOOD!

Kayaking is available for those who love to be closer to the water. Not for me though as i am afraid of the open seas. Thanks to Jaws. Anyway, you may find more information about kayaking at Ubin HERE.

Such green patches of seagrass were common as we edged closer towards the mangrove boardwalk. They were not a pretty sight; reminding me so much of sewage minus the nauseating smell.

It was a Saturday and i am glad it felt like a weekday without having to rub elbows and shoulders with strangers.

Wildlife is one of the key selling points for Chek Jawa and it is extremely enriching to encounter them face to face in their original living habitats. The above is a fiddler crab that is easily identified by its claws.

Coming to the end of the scenic Coastal Boardwalk and beginning the start of the Mangrove Boardwalk.

An island is located directly opposite Chek Jawa - an area that almost all Singaporean males know by heart. Even for me, i could still remember the day i went to Tekong Island to serve the mandatory national service. In this picture, i could even see the building that housed the "Viper" company i am allocated to.

Standalone tree that appeared to have lost all signs of vitality.

Seagrass lagoon as mentioned on the map. Given the better seabed exposure, there were a lot more activities like sightings of various species of crabs.

A bird standing solemnly as if it was deep in thought.

Sadly, we chanced upon a dead ray that could not escape in time when the tide receded.

Unfortunately, we also found another carcass. I thought it was a puppy but some visitors suggested it could be the offspring of a wild boar.

Now entering the mangroves.

Information panel explaining the importance of mangroves in an ecosystem. blah blah blah blah. 

A human faced insect caught my attention instead. Words can be boring especially when you read about such information in secondary one, during the geography lesson.

Continuing the walk - as you might have guessed, i prefer the water.

However, a detailed eye will make the walk more interesting! Have you spotted the mudskipper?

Another species of crab that looked as if the redness was artificially painted.

You love attap chee? Grab a few of this nipah fruits that are in huge abundance in the mangroves! By the way, i am in no way responsible if you are stopped by the park wardens!

Yet another type of crab! Notice the hole beside it? Deep inside is where you will find mud lobsters which are highly reclusive creatures.

Passing by a covered up well on our way out after Jejawi Tower. Back in my kampong days, we used to have a big well from which we took our bath water from!

Quite a few Muslim tombs were found dotted in Chek Jawa. There's actually a pretty big Chinese cemetery nearing the now-demolished Thai temple but i heard from one of the villagers that the road is now off limits.


Opening Hours
8.30am to 6.00pm

Additional Information
Bicycles are not allowed and you are required to park them outside before entering Chek Jawa.

Keep a lookout for the super friendly wild boars when you are there!

I would be back again!
For the 0.50 meter low tide!

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