Thursday, December 08, 2011

The "Not So Satisfying Anymore" Nutella Ice Cream @ Island Creamery (Serene Centre)

It's no secret that i am a big lover of ice cream. How could anyone resist that comfy feeling of ice-cold creamy sweetness slowly melting to the usually hot weather we have here?

Unlike in the past, Singaporeans are now spoilt with choice when it comes to this delicious frozen dessert - we are now blessed with many specialised ice cream parlours that sell flavours as common as vanilla to local exotics like tiger beer.

My personal favourite? Island Creamery at Serene Centre!

From the photographs of happy customers (there's actually a photo printer in the ice cream cafe) adorning the wall to the visually appealing cakes and desserts, it exudes a sense of plain contention - when it is not crowded with customers and it's easy to find seats.

When the craving starts, i can travel all the way from Yishun to Bukit Timah just to buy a tub of nutella ice cream! At S$9.00 a tub, this is the best comfort food to pig out during stressful periods in life.

However, i noticed that something is amiss recently. The above was a picture i took in 2009 and the chunks of solidified nutella were obvious.

My recent purchase as shown above; flakes of nutella will be the most appropriate description. And it doesn't help that being a long time customer, i remember that the price for each tub was S$8 in the past.

Spare me the "spike in raw materials prices" argument.
I just want my good ol' nutella ice cream.


10 Jalan Serene,
#01-03, Serene Centre
(near Botanic Gardens Circle Line MRT Station)

Single Scoop - S$2.80
Double Scoop - S$4.50
Triple Scoop - S$6.50
Red Label Tub - S$9.00
Blue Label Tub - S$11.00

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